Work with me


Thank you for your interest in working with me!

As you can see from my site we/ I love spending time together as a family doing arts and crafts (we like to call it ‘creating masterpieces’), science, days out and coming up with creative ideas whilst playing indoors or outdoors.

I always welcome any questions or suggestions from other bloggers so feel free to contact me (details below).

Do you have a class / venue or product you would like us to review?

I  am happy to review and recommend products that we have tried, tested and loved or that I think would be a helpful resource to my readers. I will answer and review ‘100 percent’ truthfully based on our own personal experience of the product etc. It will be an honest opinion  whether it is positive or not and I will not be influenced to write positive reviews on products. 

Or If you would like to advertise on my page. I am happy to feature advertisements or run competitions on my site that are relevant to my blogs/ website/readers.

Please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact section or e-mail me at

Many thanks
emmas xxx