Finally half- term has been caught up on.

IMG_0184  Hi I am so over the cold and sickness season! Having been hit by another weird bug, both boys have been space cadets/ zombies in front of the TV today wishing for little attention, food or entertaining. Unusually – allowing me a day of catch up – hence Saturday night blog. I have finally added the final projects from half-term to the project section: Musical shakers – take a look, Its a really easy one! Plus the varnish has finally dried on our family joint project – so in position ready for the boys to play with when they are feeling better.

At the boys wish. We built a toy garage out of wood one day in half-term.

   Daddy did the first part – supervised the boys masterpiece – doing very little other than finding/ providing the materials (This was made out of scraps of wood) and tools in his garage.

A plan was created, measurements taken and a garage designed and built by the boys.

It was then handed over to me – to supervise painting and varnish. Hey presto a finished Garage to play with. Not such a simple one, but was in – expensive as we used what we could find. Will add to the project section next.

Please feel free to comment (let me know if there is anything you would like to see us make – put on the project page), Would love to hear if you have given the projects a go, how they went etc.. Feedback is always appreciated, (apart from the Stats) it gives me a clearer clue what is/ isn’t liked as I’m still fairly new at this and still building the site. Also please don’t forget to Like, share and follow. Many thanks to those who have! Appreciated!

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