Rock painting – ‘painting, hiding and finding’.

IMG_0057.JPGIMG_0053.JPGWell last weekend much to our delight we found a painted rock, when out and about. For those who are unaware – This is a very present trend, you paint a rock or two, hide it in a public place for someone to find – they then either keep it or re-hide somewhere – entirely up to them. This is such a lovely fun idea. Not only can you be creative painting the rocks, your children will get to play ‘hide and seek’ with the rocks. It also gives you an excuse to get them outdoors during the winter months. The idea also teaches them that a random act of kindness can bring a smile.

    The boys chose to keep the rock we found, ‘we love it so much mummy!’. Thank you to whoever painted it and hid it. It was a perfect find for them as they love anything to do with the sea! So we decided we would pay it forward and paint our own to hide local. Hopefully we will get some feedback when found (I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything) Lets hope it will bring some joy to someone, like it did for my boys.

  The plan was to paint them this weekend, However after a week of the boys reminding me ‘mummy when are we going to paint our rocks to hide.’ We had to paint them tonight so we can hide them tomorrow.

   If you fancy a go at this simple and affordable project and don’t know where to start, just take a look at my post in the ‘project section’, to see ‘how to’. Enjoy just painting the rocks for fun or you could also try taking part in your local ‘rock painting group’ (find out if you have one on your local facebook page?) if there is one. If not you could set one up for some fun with your little/big ones and build a ‘community of people painting, hiding and finding.. Don’t forget to mark your rock with the name of the group, that way you maybe able to keep track of a few!


emmas xxx