Doesn’t this time of year get so busy?

   Hi, Just a quick blog as life has been pretty busy with life in general with the lead up to Christmas, winter bugs, school nativity costumes and elf on the shelf has taken over!!!



   As well as all this, this week we have been working on our latest projects ‘A simple Christmas tree decoration’. Our house is slowly beginning to get Christmas like – though the tree won’t go up for a while yet! For this Christmas project the Boys chose to make a teddy bear. I was surprised how interested and eager my boys were to do this project. They amazed me with their ability (at aged 5 / 7 yrs)- it’s all their work!! Apart from threading the needle for them it was completed solo by them and they were so proud of the bears when finished (so was mummy!). They will hang pride of place on our tree this year and every year to come. Take a look at the project to see their finish masterpieces.

Emma s xxx