Some more tried and tested – Elf on the shelf ideas! xxx

Elf on the shelf ideas.Playing a game of Jenga.
Movie night.


Nativity Scene – to wish good luck for the school play.





Elfie masters 2018 – Built our own treehouse to play in.


Icing some cakes Elfie style.
Adding some extra decks to the tree.  Enjoy emmas xxx
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Elf on the shelf.

IMG_20171201_081424    It’s that time of year again, where I keep myself  busy at an already busy time of year and add to the Christmas stress with our own version of ‘elf on the shelf”. Now I appreciate you either love it or hate it. In our house we love it, it creates some magic / fun to a dull cold month and it has become one of our family Christmas traditions. Though I have to admit there is nothing more annoying than  just as you are get into bed – realising you haven’t done the damn elves. The boys really love it, they start the count down in Nov and still ‘believe’!
   We do it our own way – I personally found the original ‘Elf  on the shelf’ creepy and some of the ideas that go with it weird. So we got creative and have Elfie the reindeer and mischief the elf who come and visit us every day throughout Dec! They are hugged and played with though out the day. At bedtime the boys say good night and placed them by the fireplace for Elfie to carry mischief back to father Christmas on his back. When the boys come down in the morning they discover what mischief they have created.
So far this year …
IMG_20171130_211426   DAY 1 – arrival from the north pole with advent calendars/letter.


  Day 2 – Elfie and Mischief have played O AND X on the back door.

IMG_20171202_232105.jpg    IMG_20171202_222223_1   IMG_20171203_091048.jpg

IMG_20171202_232122.jpgDAY 3 – Gone crazy with the toilet roll though out the house leading to Mischief turning Elfie into a mummy. (Christopher is studying the Egyptians at the moment).


Day 4 – Mischief is on a raft made out of toilet rolls and Elfie is fishing. (Louie loves water and boats!)
 IMG_20171203_205148                              IMG_20171205_065229.jpg
                                                                 Day 5- Breakfast chaos!
IMG_20171205_235731.jpg DAY 6- Duplo building


DAY 7 – They have some wings to help them fly, however have crashed landed.



 Thinking  maybe coloured milk in the fridge for breakfast as tomorrow’s!

Love Emma xxx

Doesn’t this time of year get so busy?

   Hi, Just a quick blog as life has been pretty busy with life in general with the lead up to Christmas, winter bugs, school nativity costumes and elf on the shelf has taken over!!!



   As well as all this, this week we have been working on our latest projects ‘A simple Christmas tree decoration’. Our house is slowly beginning to get Christmas like – though the tree won’t go up for a while yet! For this Christmas project the Boys chose to make a teddy bear. I was surprised how interested and eager my boys were to do this project. They amazed me with their ability (at aged 5 / 7 yrs)- it’s all their work!! Apart from threading the needle for them it was completed solo by them and they were so proud of the bears when finished (so was mummy!). They will hang pride of place on our tree this year and every year to come. Take a look at the project to see their finish masterpieces.

Emma s xxx