Keeping with the theme Simple and affordable – Body tracing.

IMG_0081    Hi, firstly sorry if you have just been slightly confused (so have I!) by the last project posted and this blog. I have been having a few technical faults – I will lay all blame with the Computer doing its own thing. Hopefully all is fixed now and is fully readable!

‘Don’t you just love them moments when you think wow that five-minute job was quick and easy – to only realise it hasn’t gone to plan instead five minutes turns into an hour’.IMG_0085

Essentially my blog today is just to let you know I have put another project idea in the project section. Sorry really wasn’t sure what to call this one. ‘Body tracing’  was the best I could do. This is very simple and affordable to make as it is easy and pretty much free to make as the basic materials can be found in your home. A good project for younger children. You could if you choose to, use it to talk / teach them about their bodies and body parts. For us it was just a fun project. We have done this project many times before and the ‘bodies’ end up on our boys bedroom door each time. The last ones needed updating as they had seen better days – there is only so many times you can repair them!  Christopher chose to turn himself into a space man and Louie became a superhero.

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Milk Bottle boat to make and play with.


A quick blog as my children have shared their present ‘luggie’ with me. This week’s project was a very unplanned and a impromptu one. It was very much ‘make it up as you go along’ with what we could find in the house. My youngest son was of school sick most of the week with ‘tonsillitis’, so apart from lots of cuddles and watching ‘pj masks’ on the Telly at the beginning. When he began to feel better he decided he wanted to make a ‘toy boat’ (As mentioned before his two big loves our boats and superhero’s). His favourite book on his book shelf inspired the idea in his head. Result one’ Milk bottle boat’, sorry couldn’t come up with a more creative name – it is what it is! This boat was very simple and affordable to make as it was fairly easy and pretty much free to make as the basic materials were found in our recycle bin. It then gave us a good excuse to have a bath as we needed to test it out after making it, this created lots of fun playing – even some teddies had a ride (they are still drying in the airing cupboard). If you wish to make one but don’t fancy it in your bath you could play with it in a paddling pool in the garden instead if you rather or this could be perfect for a summer day activity. Take a look in the project section for ‘how to make’.



emmas xxx



Ideas for displaying children’s art and craft work.

Displaying creative projects

– Ideas for displaying children’s art and craft work.

   We are all guilty of Now what am I going to do with this…. I don’t need it cluttering my house up. My particular personal hate is endless junk modelling or projects which involved a lot of glitter, sequins and pom- poms despite encouraging and allowing my children to make things out of them and loving watching what they make with it. A day after they have made it, I want it gone and they soon can easily find their way to the recycle bin with only the best being held on to. As a general rule in our house we do try to make projects I don’t mind having on display (though they do make plenty of the random kind). In their eyes it all looks good – even that randomly painted cereal box, that unbeknown to you is a super flying aeroplane. However as a mother let’s be honest here I only want the ones that makes my house look good, not clutter and a mess.

As I have mention in earlier blogs our house often resembles a children Art gallery and I do really love having my children’s Arts and crafts on display. Apart from genuine enjoying what my children create I believe it is important to remember children do feel proud and special if you enjoy their art work and show it off. In our house on a very regular basis the boys do make lots I don’t want to part with and I can never see myself at this moment in time ever getting rid of. I guess I hope when I put their work on display I am telling them so much unknowingly without words “mummy loves my art – I’m good at this”. Hopefully in turn they will become proud of their own accomplishments leading them to gain confidence in their abilities and good strong self-esteem. As a result they enjoy doing it and will want to do more to please.

Though we have arts/craft dotted all around our house at any given time that we have created and I personally love it, at times it gets too much, so we have created particular areas for different things.

So here are a few ideas I have done, to display/ store their masterpieces for their sake and mine:

Home art gallery – A kitchen wall/pin board for your child’s 2D artwork, drawings, collages and paintings. (The Kitchen door/cupboards in our house our for more personal extra special work created for mum by the boys).

Individual personal Art wall/ Gallery We also alongside the kitchen door use the boys bedroom doors as Individual personal Art wall for their favourite pictures or the most up to date.


Frame your favourite drawing and put on display as a forever treasured keepsake I have Framed two (one for each boy) of my favourite extra special picture they did for me, each of these pictures were/are extra special and tell an individual personal story of a time, place, memory to me and the individual child. A treasured forever Keepsake.DSC_0485.JPG

Individual yearly Scrap book for all the endless drawings/paintings – The pictures that ‘I can’t bear to throw out and at the moment I want to hold on to!‘ or need to be moved from the doors to create new space. For each entry I stick it in the book – making sure it has a small description, date and name. As my memory might not always been there in years to come – I have already lost track how many scrapbooks we have in the boys individual keepsake box in the loft.


A craft shelf– We have one ever changing shelf on our stairway for the best 3D craft models (the others live in the boy bedrooms).


Re- gift – Re use pictures as wrapping paper (see projects for ideas), turn into birthday cards, pictures in frames or turn into gifts for family and friends.


It sounds like it could be a lot of work, It doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you set your mind to it and find a little time to organise yourself. I actively involve the boys in this activity, Once set up it is easy to just add to and create your own child’s Art Gallery.

emmas xxx



My aims for the Projects I post.

 Sorry slight Delay in this blog going out due to the lovely winter season bugs entering our house and being shared around. My intention was that it came out along my first project being posted.

My aim of this website is not to tell you how to do it my way, Art is all about individuality. I hope to just give you ideas to interperate projects your own personal way. I.e for projects I will give you a list of what you will need… If you haven’t got a certain item or don’t like something I’ve used. Come up with your own ideas or adapt project to what you have personally got in your home or like using. I’m hopefully just providing some ideas to inspire you. interperate those ideas how you wish with the materials you have access to.

I aim to make the projects affordable to all (ideally with very little cost). However we all have different financial situations you may wish to spend less or more on the projects. Or you may have something in the cupboard you have been meaning to use and just didn’t know when to use it, and a particular project just lends itself to using it.  I also try to keep projects simple but effective to cover a wide age group and varied attention spans , again we all have different likes and levels of ability. Some will be easy some will be hard depending on you and your children personal ability. Some you will achieve in five minutes and others may take longer. Feel free just to adapt , make it up as you go along. It will still be fun and productive. If one project doesn’t go to plan, turn out right, don’t give up. Just accept you tried that one, it didn’t work for you – give another one a try (your be teaching your child a valid lesson):

  • If at first you don’t succeed try again
  • There’s always more than one way at looking at things
  • we can get better at this if we try!

Just have Fun and enjoy!

LOVE Emma s xxx

P.s Feel free to post comments or ask questions if your after any particular ideas and let me know how your projects go!

First blog post; Create, love, inspire all things creative and crafty.

   Hi so here we go I’m new to this and creating my first blog to go live has been self-taught. So please bear with me as I get started! Hopefully I’m succeeding at creating something along the right lines and the future will only get bigger and better. For the introductions I am Emma living in Oxfordshire with my husband, I am a stay at home forty something mum of two boys Christopher aged 7 and Louie 5 years old. Whilst doing everyday Mum stuff with a little chaos, messy hair, whatever clothes I can find in the clean washing pile thrown on probably complete with some evidence of old paint and glue, Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my two boys and creating all things crafty.

  Our house often resembles similarities to an art gallery or art studio created by children and I love it! I firmly believe that no matter the project we can create it with some confidence in ourselves. Mess is always cleanable! Fun, laughter and memories are irreplaceable. Children can have so much fun and learn so much from a few hours creating something from the rainy day box. There is another blog to shortly follow after this one (‘why I believe allowing children to make a creative mess is so important to their development!’) 

   Are creations our always personal and made using simple affordable materials!  The boys have been involved with getting this show on the road since I told them what I was thinking of doing as always they have wanted to be involved and have already thought of ideas for me – your never to young in our house to learn how to write a blog. Yesterday are living room looked like the paper shedder monster had been let loose with the felt tips and scissors as they helped me create our logo. Hence the name for our site has both the boys initials in. 

  My hopes for my blog is that it will reach out to families and inspire others to be creative with their children and most importantly ‘do it themselves’ what ever their background. It is a place to find creative projects for children and adults, parenting advice, tips and ideas for everyday families. However my ultimate goal is I inspire you to love having fun whilst creating something new with your children. I hope it will empower you to try something new And to give you the confidence to know you can do it! Here we go – and we are off !