Rainy Day ideas

In our house we have a rainy day/ holiday box, a smallish wicker basket box shown in the photo above. It is full of all sorts that we pull out on a regular basis during school holidays and weekends, when we don’t want to go out for whatever reason. It’s also come in handy when we are off school sick or bored. The box lives on a shelf in the playroom. The boys choose when it comes down and what we will do from it. It is full of project ideas made up into kits then placed into bags, envelopes and folders. The boys love the box and ask regularly to do things from it. I just struggle to keep it topped up.

   As the boys have grown older and the years have gone by we have extended our rainy day box to 3 draws and a big plastic toolbox. We store a lot of our supplies (the staples -pens, pencils, paints etc.) in the big plastic toolbox. For colouring books I have created my own mini book holders, out of half a cereal packet, tape and wallpaper sample.


   On this page you will find some ideas for those days when you don’t want to go out, or are stuck in – wondering what to do to stop the kids climbing the walls. This page is unlike my projects page and will not be a very detailed ‘what you need? how to do?’ It is simply a resource/ idea page that hopefully I will keep adding to and it  just might give you some ideas of what you could do/create with your children in that moment of ‘I have no idea?’

Rainy Day basic staple items ideas:

  • Paper/ Card.
  • Colouring / activity books.
  • Glue / Tape.
  • Markers, Crayons, pencils, chalks.
  • Ink pads and stamps, Stencils.
  • Poster paints, Water colour paints, Paint sticks.
  • Pastels.
  • Playdough or clay.
  • Stickers.
  • Glitter.
  • Collage items (Googly eyes, tissue paper, feathers, buttons, colour pasta, pom poms, yarn, fabric scraps, felt etc).
  • Sculpture items (pipe cleaners, craft sticks, junk modelling, old jam jars / cardboard / boxes etc)

The list is endless!

Rainy Day Ideas/ activities.

Colouring (felt-tips, pencils, pastels, charcoals, chalks or crayons).

 Drawing, stencilling or tracing.

Painting (Poster, watercolour).

Modelling clay, fimo or play dough.

Junk modelling.

 Create a mini world or fairy garden in a Shoebox  (we created a dinosaur land with a dinosaur).


Mixed media collage.


Water or Sand play.

Create a picture cutting and sticking OR Create a picture out of stickers.

Build a den.

Create, design and play your own board game or puzzle out of an old cereal box.

Play o and x’s.

Make your own ‘pick an activity jar’. Use an old jam jar or pot and decorate. You could adapt/ use some of the ideas in  the project section. Take a look at the dream jars. On a piece of paper write some activity ideas i.e watch a movie, play a game, read a book, draw a picture etc. cut out and place in your jar. When you don’t know what to do, pull out the jar, do the activity.

or Try a new project from my website!

.DSC_0726  DSC_0727    IMG_20171118_142521   DSC_0718  IMG_20171219_183906IMG_20171205_145428DSC_0494IMG_0001

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