Wooden lollipop sticks house and shop.

IMG_0010.JPGIMG_0009.JPGIMG_0011.JPGWooden lollipop sticks house and shop. 

The boys wanted to create a house and shop to go with their homemade play mat and playmobil land (see projects for play mat). It sounded a simple and straight forward idea, which started well – however… In all honest truth mummy can claim the credit for this one as the boys lost interest when they had to wait for the glue to dry. They wanted to just play with the final product and didn’t understand the need to wait for them to dry. Despite this we were all impressed by the final product, they turned out better than expected and the boys have really enjoyed playing with them which was the main objective. It has also shocked me in how strong the buildings actually are.

Level: Hard (Def. one involving adult help or for older children).

Time: A lot longer than expected about 4 hours including glue drying time (allow 15 to 30 mins of drying time before handling the glue parts).

You will need:

  • Extra strong glue.
  • Lots of Wooden lollipop/craft sticks – Coloured one worked great (we used approx 200).
  • props to prop up / hold in place – walls, roof etc. when waiting for glue to dry.
  • Any extras you want to use to decorations – we used pens, two wooden spoons and string/paper for a sign.
  • Lots of Patience.

How to make:


You can adapt these steps to make your own design/ building, Below I have describe how to make a basic house structure. I have included a photo and picture to assist below. Make all individual section let dry and then glue all the pieces together.

The House.

  1.  For the house roof: Lay out 2 rows of sticks each with 12 sticks. Glue on one centre stick to each line. Glue together 2 x A frames. Put the four individual glued items to one side to dry. Once dry Bottom picture shows how to attach A frame to the roof (you will need a prop to assist with this). Glue edge of one roof side to the flat side of one A frame. Glue other roof side to same A frame leave to dry. Repeat to other end of the roof – Glue on second A frame.
  2. Walls: Place sticks side by side leaving gaps or use half sticks for doors and windows. (side wall: 11 stick with two supporting, back wall :11 sticks with one supporting). As shown below.
  3. Windows: Glue together half-sticks and whole sticks, create panes with toothpicks.
  4. We chose not to add a door and just left a gap as it was easier for our planned purpose, however you could add one if you wish.



The shop.


To make the shop modify the steps above, making it extra wide and add extra support sticks. example photo of back wall and roof below. : For the roof we choose to do a flat roof. Make all individual section let dry and then glue all the pieces together.IMG_0021.JPG


Enjoy playing!! emmas xxx

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