String pictures.


I just thought I’d share our recent project with you, in case anyone is looking for a new idea. It is affordable but not necessarily simple, However it does look effective on the walls. For this project we simply bought a kit from a shop, which we used as a base to redesign into our own version. We were looking for a new project idea and this took our fancy. It would be easy to reinvent your own design and create your own if you wish.
(you would just need a foam canvas, dressmaker pins and some type of string/ wool/thread).
I am not going to lie it was not a easy project with an 8 and 6 year old and I’m not sure they really enjoyed making. However the final results were lovely and they were impressed with the final pictures.
We used a white foam board and pressed in some dressmaking pins leaving them slightly out to create a template for our pictures.
We then used some embroidery threads to create the string pictures.
We simply weaved the thread in and out of the pins to create the final design.
Pressing the pins though at the end and making sure they did not stick out by cutting them down to size with wire cutters.
Enjoy emmas xxx

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