Stick man.

  This project is a really simple and affordable project to do. It can be (as we did) combined with a walk looking for the perfect stick man and reading the book ‘Stick man’ – one of our all time favourite books in our house. IMG_0439.JPGIt is a very easy fun imaginary project and you only need 2 basic materials costing you minimum: A stick of your choice and some bits to decorate it with. we have hung our final stick man in the garden.

How to make.

Level: Easy.

Cost: Little.

Enjoyment: We had Lots of fun with this. Starting with reading the book, taking a walk and them making our own stick man.IMG_0353

Time: Approx 15 minutes.

You will need: 

  • A stick of your choice.
  • Items to decorate and Glue – we used googly eyes and pipe cleaners. (You could use scrap fabric, paints, buttons etc.).


To make: 

  1. Not much explaining needed for this one – Choose your stick.
  2. Paint/ Decorate any way you wish to turn the stick into a man.
  3. You could make your own Family to put in your garden.

Enjoy! emmas xxx

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