Simple Sock puppets.

IMG_20180521_200906.jpgIMG_20180521_200931.jpgThis project is really simple, fun for any ages and can be played with after making. You could create a stage for your puppet and perform a puppet show. It is a easy project and you only need a few basic materials:


How to make.

Level: Easy.IMG_20180521_201013.jpg

Cost: Little.

Enjoyment: We had lots of fun with this project. The boys really enjoyed producing puppet shows for us to watch using their sock puppets. I think our next project may well be making a stage for the performances.

Time: Approx 15 minutes.

You will need: 

  • A clean sock.
  • Glue (we used super glue or you can sew on details if you are feeeling more adventurous).



  • Pompoms, Felt, pipe cleaners, buttons, eyes, etc.IMG_20180521_163004.jpg

IMG_20180521_162957.jpgTo do: 

1.To make your own sock puppet, find a sock.

2. Slip the sock on so your fingers are in the toe area and made a C-shape with your hand.

3. Stick your eyes on above the seams.

4. Add a nose and mouth if you like.

5. Add any other decorations of your choice i.e. wool for hair, felt for ears/mouths.

Enjoy emmas xxx


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