Simple homemade wrapping paper.


IMG_0017Simple wrapping paper that can be personalised.

  You can either create this from start to finish as a activity or you can have a sort out of all those old pictures that are to good to throw but you have to many to keep. Putting them to good use –  I like to think your up-cycling your child’s art, being Frugal and it makes the gifts you wrap it in extra special.

Level: Easy.

Cost: Little.

Mess Factor: It depends on what you choose If you use paint need I say it will be messy.

To make:

There is not much needed to explain for this one.

  1. Select any type of paper you fancy (plain paper, Tissue paper, brown paper, Crepe etc.).
  2. Choose either pens, pencils, paints, stickers, glitter, ribbons etc. – your choice anything you fancy to decorate. We often tend to use stickers, stamp pens or sponges with paint.
  3. Wrap and give the gift!

emmas xxx


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