A while back we were gifted a pack of Shrinkables pirate set from a friend, We finally got around to doing them the other day.IMG_1157IMG_1158

I thought they were worth mentioning on here as I think they are worth a share. This review is just my own personal opinion as others might be interested to know about them and want to consider doing them with their children.

If your child enjoys colouring, it’s a slightly different Art activity that keeps them amused for a while and may be worth a try. It is really a very simple activity, with very little mess creating different results to just colouring!

The boys really enjoyed doing this activity and apart from using the oven, were able to do it alone with little assistance from me.

The pack recommends 6 plus, However I would say this guideline is only worth noting if you’re allowing/ expecting your children to do it alone. The oven shrinking process will need adult supervision.


The pack comes with 6 Shrinkables pirate characters and pirate island scenery, I believe you can get other themed packs to.

In short Simply Colour them in, cut them out, bake them and watch them shrink! Each flexible easy to colour, colouring sheet will become a solid plastic pirate! Colour with colouring pencils, shrink them all in the oven and display in the pirate island scene.


A very simple, fun, different colouring activity.

Enjoy emmas xxx

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