‘Santa please stop here’ door sign.


Level: Easy.  

Boys Rating: 10/10. 

Cost: Little.

Time: 30 minutes.

Mess factor: There will be mess in our case we had red glitter everywhere, which I am still finding around the house “Christmas sparkle”.

IMG_20171204_155257.jpgFor This Project you will need:

  • A picture of Santa (self drawn, template of the internet or in our case an old paper bag – see last blog to explain).
  • Some card.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Eyes (if you don’t have any googly eyes – you could just draw some on paper and cut out your own version to stick on).
  • A few handfuls of cotton wool for Santa’s hat.
  • hole punch.
  • String or ribbon to hang.
  • Some scrap red/black felt or material for nose and mouth.
  • Glitter for Santa hat/coat.
  • Pens or stamps to write your message to Santa
  • White tissue paper or in our case as we didn’t have any we used a new roll of toilet paper for Santa beard.
  • Some Children.

  1. Cut out your chosen picture of Santa and stick on to card.
  2. Hole punch the top of the card and tie on some ribbon/ string to be used later for hanging.
  3. Create some eyes out of your chosen material or use googly eyes, stick onto Santa.
  4.  Place glue on Santa red hat and coat, sprinkle glitter on and shake of excess.
  5.  Glue the rim of Santa hat and the pom-pom, then stick on cotton wool.
  6. Scrunch up white tissue in to small bits and glue on to beard.
  7. Cut out a red felt nose and black mouth stick on to Santa.
  8. Use stamps or write your message to Santa.IMG_20171205_145436.jpg
Hey presto hopefully you have a beautiful ‘santa stop here’ door sign to hang on display over the Christmas season.

Love emma xxx

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