Quick and easy musical shakers.

IMG_0185.JPGQuick and easy musical shakers.IMG_0184

This project is a really simple, quick and affordable to make. It is easy and you only need 4 basic materials: 2x plastic cups, cello tape, stickers and something to go inside to make a noise.



Level: Easy.

Cost: Little.

Enjoyment: We had Lots of fun making and playing with these.

Time: Approx 5 minutes.

How to make.

You will need: 

  • 2 x plastic cups (clear or coloured up to you).
  • cello tape.
  • Stickers.
  • Something to go inside – we used up some left over craft sticks and old pipe cleaners from another project but you could use dried pasta or rice, uncooked lentils, small stones, broken sticks etc.

To make: 

  1. Choose what you would like to put in your shaker to make the noise.
  2. Place in one of the cups.
  3. Place the other cup on top.
  4. Stick together with cello tape.
  5. Decorate with stickers.
  6. Enjoy shaking and making some noise.

emmas xxx

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