Playmobil shoebox school.

DSC_0958  I thought I would share this project with you all, as even if I do say so myself I was impressed with the outcome and final piece.

The boys decided that they wanted a playmobil school to add to there playmobil collection. So hey presto we decided we could create one our self!

  1. We found a old shoe box, using a sponge and grey paint we decorated the building to be.
  2. We then decorated with some wooden letters (we had some kicking about in our rainy day box).
  3. We then printed some miniature pictures/school items of the web.
  4. Created a black board using a sticker we had and craft sticks.
  5. Then with a knife we cut out some doors/ windows.
  6. We used a scrap box as a table and some letter I to create mini pencils.
  7. Plus we created a playground as a extra using a old box for the base and paper straws to create a fence.


   It was a lot simpler than its looks, The results were fab and its a piece of junk modelling I am quite happy to keep and not rush to the bin. SIMPLE AND AFFORDABLE imaginative arts and craft activity that created a toy to play with.

DSC_0959Enjoy emmas xxx

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