Make your own recycled fairy.


Make your own recycled fairy.

Make your own Fairy using simple recycled materials.


     You will need:

  • A bottle cork.
  • 2 x Googly eyes.
  • A milk bottle lid.
  • A few pipe cleaners.
  • Paper, card or fabric.
  • Glue.
  • Tissue paper/ pom pom.

To make:                                  

  1. Colour the milk bottle lid which will be your fairy base if you wish with a permanent marker or paint.
  2. Stick the cork to your bottle lid with glue or double sided tape.
  3. Cut out the paper/card/fabric to make your own dress. Any way you wish a simple circle with a slit to make a cone works.
  4. Stick the dress on to the cork.
  5. Create the hair, by scrunching tissue paper in to little balls and stick on to the cork to create any hair style you wish.
  6. Then create your fairies face with two eyes and a pen to create a smile.
  7. Create your fairies wings out of the pipe cleaners leave a little bit approx. 2cm so that you can wrap/tie wings to cork.
  8. Cut out some decorations for your fairies dress using card/paper/fabric : Hearts, flowers or polka dots.

 Find somewhere to stick your masterpiece to create some fairy magic in your house!Enjoy emmas xxx

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