Junk modelling.

IMG_0431.JPGIMG_0425.JPGJunk modelling.

In my experience most children love Junk modelling (parents not so keen – including myself – for me it isn’t the making but the keeping after that drives me nut). However allowing children the freedom to create whatever they want out of junk modelling material allows them to develop there thinking skills, imagination and creativity.

This is very much a project I leave my children to their own devices just providing the tools and supervision from a far. They amaze me with their thinking and creativity when left to their own devices – proving children can work independently when allowed (for those non-believers : your child can do it, if you give them the space to explore, it might just be different to what you expect or call art).

There really is much to write on this one, hence the different writing style :

  1. Collect lots of junk from around your house (recycled rubbish).
  2. Use Glue or tape to stick it together to create your chosen model.
  3. Paper Mache if you wish and paint.
  4. Then enjoy annoying your parents with it present around the house.

Enjoy emmas xxx


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