Ideas For painting on Canvas.


Ideas for painting on Canvas.



   So in line with my two last blogs (take a look if you haven’t already – ‘How learning to paint can benefit our children’ and ‘Ideas for displaying Children’s art and craft work’). This week’s is two projects in one ‘painting Ideas with added extras’ – ‘ Hand and foot prints’ . Hopefully it will give you ideas and inspiration to let your child free on a canvas – to create a keep sake for a wall in your house! I feel this one is pretty self explanation, so have kept details to the minimum (However if you have a burning question that I haven’t covered don’t hesitate to comment / contact me and I’ll get back to you!)

You will need:

  • A Canvas.
  • Paint.
  • Pens
  • Buttons, Glitter, Sequins etc / Glue.
  • A theme, Imagination / Ideas .
  • Hands, feet or a brushes.


Canvas Painted Hand and foot prints to keep.


We started this on growing Family tradition a few years ago and every summer each year we produce a hand or/and foot print to add to the other canvases . It is slowly taking over one wall of our house but I love it, hopefully I have a few more years to add before the boys lose interest or get to old to do it. It has turned out to be a great memory board. The boys personally choose a theme represented of that year usually a ‘like’, now they are older it is all their own work, However I did offer the minimum of help If I was allowed / needed in the earlier years. I like to see it as something we have created together.

So far they have created :

  • Handprint Butterflies (we spent the summer obsessed with everything butterfly ).
  • Fingerprint trees (The year we were loving Autumn walks and leaves).
  • Turtles handprint (A favourite animal).
  • Batman and boat handprint (one son favourite topics – he plans to be a superhero captain).
  • Hand and Foot Space Rockets (The other son wants to be the first man on mars)
  • Dough hands surrounded by words that represented the year.

 The boys are already in the process of planning this years – looking forward to it as I have no idea what they want the theme to be yet! I will update when produced.

Picture painting on Canvas with added extras.

   Choose a theme/ idea paint a picture, Let it dry – add Glitter, sequins, drawings or buttons etc.

You can keep it simple for young children – just give them a paint brush and see what they produce (Modern Art). Older children can draw with a pencil on the canvas then paint (or you could help with the drawing), use a board with a pre- drawing on, or just let them loose with the paints and extras.

Enjoy, Have Fun and I hope they create a masterpiece to treasure and display on your wall!

IMG_0022.JPG DSC_0489.JPGIMG_0031.JPGDSC_0474.JPGIMG_0034.JPG






emmas xxx

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