Frozen Ice excavation .

Frozen Ice excavation .

 IMG_0897.JPG  This project needs to be planned and prepared a day in advance. However is very affordable and easy. Perfect to do at home with children of any age who like to explore…You can explore texture, colour (you could add food colouring, sequins, glitter etc) or science – teaching about the chemical properties of freezing and thawing water. You could put your Archaeologist hat on do a Dinosaur excavation, explore under the sea, the list is endless. 

How to make.

Level: Easy.

Cost: Free.

Enjoyment: We had lots of fun with this project.

Time: Approx 10 -15 minutes.

You will need: 

  • A large storage container or bowl.
  • Water.
  • Some plastic toys you don’t mind getting wet (we used playmobil under the sea creatures).
  • A Freezer.
  • A spoon or hammer.

To do: 

  1. To Freeze : Place some plastic toys into a large storage container or bowl.
  2. Fill container with water approx 3/4 on top of toys.


Let it freeze (ideally needs a min 12 hrs).

  1. Take out of the freezer.
  2. Run some warm water over the whole container and the ice piece just lifts out.
  3. Then let your child explore the ice, chip away (metal spoon), Whack it (hammer) etc.
  4. If the option is there – it is much better done out in the garden – my children ended up throwing/slamming on the floor as they didn’t have the patience to chip away at it. If they get impatient you can melt the glass faster by pouring warm water over the Ice.IMG_0898.JPG
  5. Recover all the toys (took us about 10 minutes). IMG_0895

Enjoy emmas xxx

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