Family Christmas hand wreath.


Family christmas hand wreath.
How to make.
Level: Easy.   
Cost: Little.
Time:  30 mins – 1 hour approx.
Mess factor: little from paper/card cuttings.
For This Project you will need:
  • A4 paper and card your chosen colour – one A4 is big enough for 3 children hands or 2 adult hands (We used 10 of each paper and card plus one extra for middle piece).
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Photo if you wish.
  • 3 paper plates.
  • Something to decorate if you wish (Felt-tips/ colour pencils, Paint, Stickers etc.).
  • Some Children.
How to make:
1. Draw an outline of each family members hands (x six) on chosen paper.
2. Cut out and stick on card.
 3. Cut out a border around the hands to create a 3D effect.
4. you should end up with six hands for each family member.
5.Stick the bigger hands to the back edge/rim of a paper plate to create a circle around the plate. Then do the same with the children hands sticking to the inner rim.
6.  Place glue on the rim of two paper plates and stick together, so that the bottom of  the plates is on the outside creating a 3D circle effect.
7. Stick plates onto the plate with the hands on, this should cover the edge of the hands.
8. Cut out a circle of card for centre piece, stick to the top of the plate, this will make your wreath appear more 3D. Decorate how you wished. (we chose a photo, stickers and cut out a ‘2017’ from this year calendar to stick on to ours).
Hey presto – A beautiful Family wreath!DSC_0518.JPG
Emma s xxx



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