Creeping Ink – What colours are in black?


Creeping Ink – What colours are in black?

This project is a really simple chemistry project to do, whilst exploring colour. It is easy and you only need a few basic materials: A cup or glass, Water, a rubber band, kitchen paper, a coin and a black felt tip.

Q: What colours are in black?

A: As the water moves up the kitchen paper fibres it separates the pigments in the marker ink into their individual components. The heavier colour particles move slowly whilst the lighter particles of ink travel the fastest and furthest. Chromatography is a way to separate compounds so they can be seen individually.

How to do.

Level: Easy.

Cost: Little.

Enjoyment: We had Lots of fun with this experiment. The boys were very impressed and we all really enjoy watching.

Time: Approx 5- 10minutes.

You will need: 

  • A cup or glass.
  • A rubber band.
  • A sheet of kitchen paper.
  • A black felt tip.
  • Some water.
  • A coin.

 To do: 

  1. Fill your chosen container with water approx. 2 cm from the top.
  2. Place your coin in the middle of the sheet of kitchen roll and draw a thick line around with your marker.IMG_0457.JPGIMG_0455.JPG
  3. Place over your container so that the paper just touches the water.
  4. Secure it with the rubber band. Place coin in centre to help weigh down, though do not press down hard.IMG_0467.JPG
  5. Watch and see what happens – it takes a few minutes.

Enjoy emmas xxx

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