Catch a sea creature activity.

This project can be creative easily by older children or younger children with a little help. It is very affordable and easy. My two boys really enjoyed playing ‘catch a sea creature’ which we created for our ‘Under the sea’ birthday party.

DSC_0797How to make.
Level: Easy.
Cost: Little.
Enjoyment: This doesn’t take very long and is a quick fun project.
Time: Approx 30 minutes plus playing time.

You will need:
• A paddling pool or you could use a plastic toy or cardboard box.
• some fish pictures cut out (we printed some of the internet and laminated them, however you could just draw some on card).
• string.
• A Straw or stick.
• magnets (you can get these at your local craft shop).
• optional stones, shells for decoration to make the paddling pool look like a rock pool.

To do:DSC_0800

1. Create some fish/ undersea creatures and add a magnet piece.

2. Make a fishing rod : we tied some string on to a straw and then attached a metal washer.

3. Blow up your paddling pool and create a scene.

4. Put your under the sea creatures in.

5. Start fishing (you can make up challenges once they have got bored with just catching anything. I.e. can you collect them in a certain order or can you find me?).

Enjoy emmas xxx
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