An activity Jar for the school Holidays.

This is a really simple and affordable idea for the holidays. Great for pulling out when your children are bored, killing each other, arguing over what to do or they don’t know what to do or they are basically driving you nuts and you need to give them something to do!

  • Simply save/ use an old Jam jar.
  • Decorate your chosen jar any way you wish (Any old jam jar will do) or you could use a small box/ container if you rather.
  • Decorated with paint, glass pens, tissue paper, stickers, pom poms etc.
  • If  your stuck or ideas or inspiration take a look at the pen pots (Kids crafts to give as gifts Pen pot.  ) and BFG jar (Reading inspired arts and crafts Dream jars.) in my project section.IMG_0089IMG_0305




  • Then create a list of your chosen activities on some paper.

For example

1. watch a movie with popcorn.

2. Play a board game.

3. Do a puzzle.

4. Create something (arts and crafts).

5. Build a den.

6. Have a theme day. (Everything during the day is based around the themes: Stories, games, cooking, playing, meals, Arts and crafts.

7. Go for a walk, bike or scooter ride.  Etc.

Cut out your list into small individual slips.IMG_0868

  • Pop in Jar.
  • Pop on a shelf.
  • Pull down and use when needed – Just ask your child to pick out one ‘lucky dip’ activity to do!

emmas xxx

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