My Profile.

Me and my boys.

   So who is behind ’emmascreativelove’ –  I am Emma living in Oxfordshire, a married stay at home forty something mum of two boys aged 9 and 6 years. Whilst doing everyday Mum stuff with a little chaos, messy hair and paint somewhere on my clothes, Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my two boys and creating all things crafty. Our house often resembles similarities to an art gallery or art studio created by children and I love it! I firmly believe that no matter the project we can create it with some confidence in ourselves. Are creations our always personal and made using simple affordable materials!
    I like to keep myself busy and challenged as a result I have worked in many and various work environments to many to list here often holding down several jobs at once, So here is a snapshot of those relevant to my website – the here and now:
   I have worked in Various childcare settings since the age of 14yrs. In my younger years I  lead  play schemes for 6-15yrs for many years, Nanning here and abroad. I have also  been a Pre-school leader, Art and DT technician, Teaching Foundation – yrs 6, Specialised in EYFS, EFL, SENCO, child psychology and research. Before having my own children I worked for a charity within the children services working with children on the ‘at risk’ register.
   I have a great love of learning and have studied extensively alongside my time in employment. So here is a snapshot of my Education background that is relevant to my website:
   I have a Ba (Hons) childhood and youth studies (particular interest in research and development), GNVQ Adv Art and design, Arts in the foundation years, Art and DT in the classroom, The ‘E’ in emotional difficulties behaviours and the EYFS.
Please check out my website, blogs and projects, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to say hello or leave a message in the comments!