DIY Project ideas

Welcome to my project page here you will find projects to hopefully inspire you to create ‘creative things’ such as Arts and crafts, science and cooking with your children. My aim of this website is not to tell you how to do it my way,

‘Creativity is all about individuality’.

I hope to just give you ideas to interperate projects your own personal way. i.e for projects I will give you a list of what you will need… If you haven’t got a certain item or don’t like something I’ve used. Come up with your own ideas or adapt project to what you have personally got in your home or like using. I’m hopefully just providing some ideas to inspire you. interperate those ideas how you wish with the materials you have access to.

I aim to make the projects affordable to all (ideally with very little cost). However we all have different financial situations you may wish to spend less or more on the projects. Or you may have something in the cupboard you have been meaning to use and just didn’t know when to use it, and a particular project just lends itself to using it.  I also try to keep projects simple but effective to cover a wide age group and varied attention spans , again we all have different likes and levels of ability. Some will be easy some will be hard depending on you and your children personal ability. Some you will achieve in five minutes and others may take longer. Feel free just to adapt , make it up as you go along. It will still be fun and productive. If one project doesn’t go to plan, turn out right, don’t give up. Just accept you tried that one, it didn’t work for you – give another one a try (your be teaching your child a valid lesson):

– If at first you don’t succeed try again

– There’s always more than one way at looking at things

– we can get better at this if we try!

Click on the written project title sections or any photo below that takes your interests you this will then lead you to the details of the relevant projects and will give you instructions on how to make it! Just have Fun and enjoy!

Love emma s xxx

P.s Feel free to post comments, share your finish projects photos/stories or ask questions if your after any particular ideas and please let me know how your projects go!