Magic painting.

   After an exhausting week: one of those when it felt like the whole world is throwing all sorts at me every waking moment and was just challenging this mummy to the limits. Let’s just say my glass of Gin last night was well deserved. As a result this weekend has become a chilled out and a lazy one. Involving lots of playing, painting, cooking and Lego building competitions. My boys creativity and imaginations amaze me every time. The boys have re-found magic painting books, we first discovered these when they were toddlers. (Though I remember having one or two when I was little to). We recently bought some new ones when out and about. IMG_1089.JPG


If you are unfamiliar with these books they are great mess-free painting activity. Giving your child the chance to explore painting with very little setting/clearing up needed. Which we all appreciate at times. It is simple and affordable, you don’t need to have any paints or think up any ideas of what to paint. You simple dip a brush (often provided with the book) into water, brush it over the black and white patterns and then there is an element of surprise as you wait for the colours to magically appear. The trick is not to use too much water and keep the brush clean. The books would make good Christmas presents if anyone is looking for creative ideas not just limited to young children. IMG_1083.JPG

The books we used this time were usbourne ones. These were not particularly cheap despite being reduced and having a voucher. However the paper was high quality, they had good pictures for older children and they did produce bright colours. Though you can easily find similar books at ‘the works’ or poundland. The boys really enjoyed relaxing with these, thought they were good fun and enjoyed guessing what colours the pictures would be.


Hope you all have a great week.

Enjoy emmas xxx


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Well rainy day means one thing!


Well a wet half- term has meant non-stop madness in our house and its only Tuesday… Finally I am sat down with a hot cup of coffee ready to send some ideas your way. Hopefully to offer you some inspiration if you need it this half-term. We have had lots of fun and I truly love spending time with my boys despite the mess and chaos. So far we have managed a great but cold day out to ‘willow farm’, (I highly recommend if anyone in your house likes peter rabbit – it inspired our paper plate idea), a bike ride, a scooter ride, lots of playing and Train track building. The best thing has been my alarm clock this morning which was two boys playing imaginary play which involved Captain underpants taking over our house at 7am!!

Plus you guessed it we have been making, painting and creating!! Picasso and Van Goff have been busy in our house. These are all simple and affordable ideas, created from what we could find in our house. All ideas will be shortly posted on my project page- please bear with me, they will get there. As you can see there are quite a few, it may take some time. If your on half term enjoy the week!

emmas xxx

IMG_0184.JPG Musical Shakers.       IMG_0107.JPG           

                                                                                                                       Junk model marble run.

                                                                                                                             Lollipop bookmarks.IMG_0186.JPG

IMG_0219.JPGMixed collage canvas with melted crayons.




                                                                              Pizza base pictures with bottle top creatures.IMG_0222

Some free- style painting.



Keeping with the theme Simple and affordable – Body tracing.

IMG_0081    Hi, firstly sorry if you have just been slightly confused (so have I!) by the last project posted and this blog. I have been having a few technical faults – I will lay all blame with the Computer doing its own thing. Hopefully all is fixed now and is fully readable!

‘Don’t you just love them moments when you think wow that five-minute job was quick and easy – to only realise it hasn’t gone to plan instead five minutes turns into an hour’.IMG_0085

Essentially my blog today is just to let you know I have put another project idea in the project section. Sorry really wasn’t sure what to call this one. ‘Body tracing’  was the best I could do. This is very simple and affordable to make as it is easy and pretty much free to make as the basic materials can be found in your home. A good project for younger children. You could if you choose to, use it to talk / teach them about their bodies and body parts. For us it was just a fun project. We have done this project many times before and the ‘bodies’ end up on our boys bedroom door each time. The last ones needed updating as they had seen better days – there is only so many times you can repair them!  Christopher chose to turn himself into a space man and Louie became a superhero.

Please take a look at the project section. Don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow please. Thank you!

emmas xxx


Rock painting – ‘painting, hiding and finding’.

IMG_0057.JPGIMG_0053.JPGWell last weekend much to our delight we found a painted rock, when out and about. For those who are unaware – This is a very present trend, you paint a rock or two, hide it in a public place for someone to find – they then either keep it or re-hide somewhere – entirely up to them. This is such a lovely fun idea. Not only can you be creative painting the rocks, your children will get to play ‘hide and seek’ with the rocks. It also gives you an excuse to get them outdoors during the winter months. The idea also teaches them that a random act of kindness can bring a smile.

    The boys chose to keep the rock we found, ‘we love it so much mummy!’. Thank you to whoever painted it and hid it. It was a perfect find for them as they love anything to do with the sea! So we decided we would pay it forward and paint our own to hide local. Hopefully we will get some feedback when found (I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything) Lets hope it will bring some joy to someone, like it did for my boys.

  The plan was to paint them this weekend, However after a week of the boys reminding me ‘mummy when are we going to paint our rocks to hide.’ We had to paint them tonight so we can hide them tomorrow.

   If you fancy a go at this simple and affordable project and don’t know where to start, just take a look at my post in the ‘project section’, to see ‘how to’. Enjoy just painting the rocks for fun or you could also try taking part in your local ‘rock painting group’ (find out if you have one on your local facebook page?) if there is one. If not you could set one up for some fun with your little/big ones and build a ‘community of people painting, hiding and finding.. Don’t forget to mark your rock with the name of the group, that way you maybe able to keep track of a few!


emmas xxx



How learning to paint can benefit our children.


How learning to paint can benefit our children.

      We spent most of the weekend painting and playing at the boys request. In all honesty I forgot Just how much my boys love painting The reality is in my experience all Kids love to paint however It is an activity most parents avoid because let’s be truthful its messy and more than a simple activity! It can be fun and fulfilling plus you only need paint and paper. One of my boys likes to do it all neat and control whilst the other decorates the house and himself during the process. This weekend we painted to the extreme – why not if we have it out and we are getting messy we might as well go the whole hog.

We created a play mat for the boys playmobil, painted some wood space rockets we got for Christmas and finished off with making some wrapping paper for nanny’s birthday (take a look at the projects section to see how to). It was great fun and they really enjoyed themselves.IMG_20180113_151820

So why is allowing children to explore and learn with paints beneficial?

  • Painting is more than a simple activity it allows children to express their creativity, emotions and have tons of fun.
  • Painting is a way for children to convey ideas without speech. Children who learn to paint learn to think with an open mind, express themselves, learn to make decisions about what works and what doesn’t on their own leading them to develop their brain as a result they improve their critical thinking skills.
  • Painting can offer them relief from everyday stresses. They can lose themselves from their mind and thoughts for a few moments. The feeling of accomplishment from completing a project can help them replace negative feelings about other things helping their aesthetic development.
  • When we allow our children to paint and draw in their own way, being free with colour, shapes and without technique. They learn to trust themselves and their instincts. Whilst developing their fine motor skills.
  • They can explore colours by mixing whilst exploring process and outcome.
  • Children can gain a skill they can be proud of and learn how to accomplish a goal. If painting with others the interaction can boost their social skills and confidence. The response they receive from others towards their art work can boost their self-confidence and esteem.

Well hopefully after reading this I may have inspired you to get painting with your children. You can use non-toxic poster paints (mix in some washing up liquid to the paint if your concerned about it coming out of clothes it helps!) water colours, magic paints/books, fingers, sponges, brushes, For young children you could use ear buds to create dotty pictures or toy cars work well with boys roll the car wheels in paint then on to paper to create marks etc. Don’t forget to take a look at the project section on my website for ideas to inspire you.

Relax, Enjoy and have fun exploring paint. xxx

‘Sit back and Watch a child painting and you will see a fully engaged child!’