Magic painting.

   After an exhausting week: one of those when it felt like the whole world is throwing all sorts at me every waking moment and was just challenging this mummy to the limits. Let’s just say my glass of Gin last night was well deserved. As a result this weekend has become a chilled out and a lazy one. Involving lots of playing, painting, cooking and Lego building competitions. My boys creativity and imaginations amaze me every time. The boys have re-found magic painting books, we first discovered these when they were toddlers. (Though I remember having one or two when I was little to). We recently bought some new ones when out and about. IMG_1089.JPG


If you are unfamiliar with these books they are great mess-free painting activity. Giving your child the chance to explore painting with very little setting/clearing up needed. Which we all appreciate at times. It is simple and affordable, you don’t need to have any paints or think up any ideas of what to paint. You simple dip a brush (often provided with the book) into water, brush it over the black and white patterns and then there is an element of surprise as you wait for the colours to magically appear. The trick is not to use too much water and keep the brush clean. The books would make good Christmas presents if anyone is looking for creative ideas not just limited to young children. IMG_1083.JPG

The books we used this time were usbourne ones. These were not particularly cheap despite being reduced and having a voucher. However the paper was high quality, they had good pictures for older children and they did produce bright colours. Though you can easily find similar books at ‘the works’ or poundland. The boys really enjoyed relaxing with these, thought they were good fun and enjoyed guessing what colours the pictures would be.


Hope you all have a great week.

Enjoy emmas xxx


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