Hi I’m back after a long break.

Hi Wow, the last time I wrote on here was last summer- oh my I do apology!

However I know it goes against the grain – or the unspoken words of the blogger world but I always said I would only post when I have relevant, interesting and new blogs/ projects (not repeated unless relevant) that I really want to write. I personally cant stand blogs that just repeat the same old thing daily just to get visitors to their site and the blog just becomes a checklist task similar to others to gain numbers.

   We have been busy with life, most of it I haven’t wanted to bore you with (a new kitchen done on a budget installed by my husband and me – became larger than planned with redecorating two other rooms and a new toilet installation). Obviously this took longer than planned and zapped any spare energy we had after looking after our boys. However we are still standing and its nearly finish. Like I said really exciting stuff!

   We have visited a few places to escape and keep the boys on our side, hopefully I can write a review or two shortly in time for the Easter holidays. We haven’t done to many Arts and crafts activities that are novel and have been worth sharing. We discovered Diamond paintings (more about that to come), keeping the boys busy for several weeks, definitely a activity with a difference for older children. We have also done several craft sets that the boys were given for Christmas. From sewing to candle making. So never a dull moment in our house.

More to come, hopefully in time for Easter Hols ideas for you all!

Hopefully some science, some art and some day out reviews.

Love emmas xxx


A while back we were gifted a pack of Shrinkables pirate set from a friend, We finally got around to doing them the other day.

I thought they were worth mentioning on here as I think they are worth a share. This review is just my own personal opinion as others might be interested to know about them and want to consider doing them with their children.

If your child enjoys colouring, it’s a slightly different Art activity that keeps them amused for a while and may be worth a try. It is really a very simple activity, with very little mess creating different results to just colouring!IMG_20190308_115717

If you fancy reading further check out the link Shrinkables.

or find it in the project section.

Enjoy emmas xxx

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Junk model treehouse

IMG_20190304_085034IMG_20190304_085045Hi hope this finds you all well !

So spring showed its face early last week and teased us… !then disappeared leaving us all feeling cold again.

However we have kept ourselves busy with our latest junk model project which was inspired – by ‘The Tree house’ book series. So at long last I have a new project to add to the ‘project section’  The boys wanted to design and make a treehouse they could play with, for there playmobil characters. We got creative thinking and made out of two old milk bottle (4 pints), scraped card/paper, string, a box (for the base), an old kitchen roll centre and two yoghurt pots.

It didn’t cost much, creating a different toy to play with.

Though a slight challenge at times but problems were overcome by creative thinking and team work! Slightly impressed that we actually were able to turned milk bottles into a treehouse that in my personal opinion looks worthy of playing with.  If you fancy more check out the link below or go via the project section.

IMG_20190304_085029Junk model treehouse.

Enjoy emmas xxx

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Happy first year birthday to my website.

So a YEAR ago today my website went live – wow where does time go. As a result I guess its Happy first year birthday to my website! I started nervous but excited, without a clue (mind you I’m not sure that’s really changed) and have pretty much made it up as I go along!

Created to provide a free service/ information site to other parents, offering parenting ideas and simple affordable Art and craft ideas linked to other social media platforms, I think I have managed to achieve the objective. 53 blogs, 69 projects, over a 1200 visitors later from all around the world (without trying to hard) I am still active and haven’t given up.

I may have temporary slowed down to focus on other things whilst dealing with the seasonal bugs. However over the last year I have enjoyed being creative, creating a website, whilst receiving so many positive comments and feedbacks. Long may it continue. Please continue to follow, like, share and comment (I will read all comments, however please do not be offended and I hope you understand if I don’t post to my website as I will only post comments that pass all security checks to keep my website as safe as I possible as I can for my visitors: this is more important to me than publishing ‘the pats on the backs’).

Along side the website I created several other social media platforms throughout the year though I recently closed my twitter account (as this wasn’t doing much, partly my fault for not being active on it but I have also discovered/learnt that twitter has really been and gone) : My Pin interest account has blown me away with my visitor figures numbers (a lot more than my website, monthly in the plus four figure numbers) I could never ever imagined that many people would view our projects and it is very much leading the way as my top platform for getting our stuff out there. So all is good – Here’s to another year of typing and creating!

 At the moment I have been dealing with a lovely joyful seasonal bug, – severely bored with coughing my guts up one to many times now! So at the moment with other commitments leading the way I am not sure how many new Christmas projects we will create to put on here, I will try but cannot promise as at the moment I feel like I am just surviving the basic tasks of parenting!

So despite it not being December yet, I know there are people looking for some Christmas inspiration. If you are one of them then – please take a look at the Christmas project section from last year. links provided below. Or feel free to share any of your own ideas!

 DIY Project ideas 

Christmas Lanterns.DSC_0506

Simple Christmas trees.DSC_0496

Felt Christmas Decoration.DSC_0494

‘Santa please stop here’ door sign.IMG_20171204_182934


Family Christmas hand wreath.DSC_0518


Easy Christmas Shortbread.IMG_20171219_183906

Snowman decorations.IMG_20171125_161901



Plus make your own Simple homemade wrapping paper.

IMG_0017 And finally if you’re looking for any ideas for this coming Saturday Elf on the shelf ideas. IMG_20171210_003829

Hopefully I will able to update this as we go though out Dec as I have some new ones planned this year, having worked on some new props over the last week.

Enjoy emmas xxx

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Out selling in the community.

Just a very quick blog to say, for the next few weeks I am probably going to be of the grid website wise. As along side attending college (yes I went back to the class room last September) I will be wrapped up in selling my Children art and craft activity packs/ gifts at some great local Christmas craft events. Uh oh its that time of year already, Christmas is everywhere Shockley earlier each year.

This weekend I am at Didcot gift and craft festival, followed by tinks treasure event.

My Company name is the same as my website: emmascreativelove with my main objective to sell simple and affordable arts and crafts: activity packs and gifts.

If you spot me, Please come over – no pressure to buy  !!!!  (though if you do It will be very much appreciated), feel free to say Hi and voice any feedback as it will be greatly appreciated as I am still in the early stages of starting out. It’s all very new, nerve-racking and an ongoing learning experience!

I’m now of to box up the stock.

emmas xxx

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‘Under the sea’ birthday party.

   So the past week has been slightly busy preparing a ‘under the sea arts and crafts’ 6th birthday party. My youngest request created panic and fear how was I going to meet the exact brief? He is quite fussy and had quite a precise wish list – including the party must include a chocolate fish birthday cake (Birthday cakes are always a challenge due to older son allergies, I don’t particularly enjoy baking and have you ever tried to find a safe fun kids birthday cake which is free of may contain – its not possible: this one was made by me to ensure nut/egg free).

As you are probably aware from other blogs he loves the sea, sea creatures and boats. Lucky for me pin interest and Baker Ross came to the rescue with a few ideas to inspire. This was his first proper birthday party with his chosen friends (as he has normally opted for a day out or we have had a small family/friends get together) and I really wanted to make it special! My eldest son always seems to get the extra attention in general despite our determination to give them equal so I guess I was very much led by mummy guilt. Made easier by the facts I love Arts and Crafts. The result were :

 A Spotty Goldfish (made out of stickers and paper plates).IMG_1073.JPG

Stained Glass Tropical Fish / stain glass windows (wooden craft sticks/ tracing paper).IMG_1080.JPG






 Sand shells (Baker ross).DSC_0823.JPG

Under the sea sticker pictures and dotty sticker pictures.


Wooden boats (painting).


Some Fishing.DSC_0800.JPG


A Treasure hunt.DSC_0795.JPG




Pass the parcel.

I can now sigh a sigh of relief as the party received positive feedback, appeared a great success and all children enjoyed leaving proud with their Art work.

GOD am I glad it’s all over and they only have birthdays once a year!!

All individual handmade projects will be posted to the project section in time for anyone interested in giving them ago.

(links will be placed below- just click on the relevant one that interests you!)

A paper plate sticker fish.

Wooden boats.

Stained glass Craft stick tropical fish .

Catch a sea creature activity.





Enjoy emmas xxx

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Summer catch up

Hi Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I can not believe we are now over the half way mark. I do not want it to end and am trying hard not to allow myself to start to feel the returning to school blues. Trying to ensure we continue to enjoy the freedom the holidays bring with the relaxed timetable: relaxed mornings and late nights. Apart from living with the chaos that comes with a bathroom renovation and having children home for the holidays. We have mainly kept ourselves busy with playing, lots of play dates, birthday parties and garden time. We have not done many Art and craft activities as the boys have found plenty of creative play ideas themselves.

    However I am able to add two projects to the project section that we have done; take a look at Super soft play dough recipe. and Shaving foam painting.

IMG_0949      IMG_0936Enjoy what is left of the holidays, I will aim to add any more projects as we do them.

Enjoy emmas xxx

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Hobby craft free mini maker sessions and the British motor museum.


So sorry I have been of the radar for a few weeks now with the usual tasks presented at the end of a school term and the starts of the holidays taking over. I don’t know if it’s just me this seems to be more of a challenge now the boys are older. I am finally relaxing into the summer holidays and finally feeling the enjoyment of no school runs and the heavily dictated school schedules.

We have started a relaxed and flexible plan of attack for the summer holidays in place! So far:

 We have done a fun week-end with Cousins.

A Hobby craft ‘slime making’ session which the boys loved. From a mums point of view it was great – 1 hrs entertainment where everything was provided free of charge, led by a staff member and tidied up for us. For anyone local to a hobby craft shop I recommend these sessions for anyone who kids like Arts and crafts. As this summer they are running Mini maker sessions several times a week these are free – you just need to book via their website. We have booked into one session/ activity every week thought out the summer. A great excuse to get out, it doesn’t cost anything (especially if we resist the urge to spend in the shop – is that possible?) and someone else gets to clean up the mess for a change. Next week we are booked into  the Decoparge animals.

Also for anyone who might be interested ‘pets at home’ does something similar, which we have done in the past – The boys have always enjoyed them. However we haven’t booked into any this summer as we did the Easter one. If your a local reader I found the one in Abingdon worked well at bribing a shopping trip to Tesco / B and M before hand.

We have also been to the British motor museum on Tesco vouchers (so another free activity normally £39 for a family of four). It was not really my personal cup of tea or a full day out – however the boys enjoyed it, daddy included! There were plenty of Minis and land rovers. A picnic area outside for a picnic lunch. Are eldest enjoyed reading and discussing all the science behind ‘how a car works’ with me  (I think I waffled sufficiently my way though this one despite sounding like I knew what I was talking about!), whilst daddy enjoyed admiring all the cars. Whereas the youngest did his own thing enjoying driving like a racing driver (A mad one at that) in one of their mini ‘minis’ around the museum. We took part in the family trail and made 3D land rovers in the craft zone. It was a nice cool relaxed day out away from the heat.


We have also dipped into and out of our first planned theme day, designed by the boys – more spread out to normal as I have two tired boys exhausted and effected by the heat. At present they are crashed watching a DVD. Then we have a dip in the sea planned (our pool in the garden) after when the temperature has dropped slightly. We have planned activities (chosen by the boys) based ‘around the sea’ and on one of our favourite books ‘Toy boat’. I will keep you in suspense I will post a separate blog and project area in relation to this as we finish it. So keep an eye out for it in a few days time. We then have a space theme day planned later in the week.

IMG_0874.JPG  IMG_0871.JPG  IMG_0873.JPG



emmas xxx

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Exciting, scary and Busy times.

Exciting, scary and Busy times.

For the last few months apart from creating this website and being a mum, I have slowly been setting up my own business (emmas creative love) selling simple and affordable Arts and Craft. As we head into the summer I am heading out into the local community and I maybe at an event near you. Please come over and say Hi and take a look! As I start this exciting but slightly scary venture I will be selling at local Fetes, festivals and crafts events. In time aiming to create a shop online hopefully within the next year if all goes to plan.

My main focus/ selling point is on ‘ Rainy day plans’ A rainy day plan box which includes 10 activities and extra activity idea materials and instructions in a reusable box (perfect to keep aside for the summer/ school holidays rainy days). At £15.00 the activities work out at less than £2.00 each and if put aside for the summer school holiday provides 1-2 activity each week throughout. Alongside this I have created sibling bags (£10.00) with 8 activities as two in the box can be shared as a family to buy individually or can be joined up with a box to keep cost down if you have more than one child or do not want several boxes to sit on a shelf.

I have also been busy creating other additional activity packs for children to create their own arts and crafts (£1.50- £10). The packs are designed to cover a wide age group, ability, Girl or boy and budget. They can be bought for yourself or I have also created some to be given as gifts (for a unique friends birthday/ Christmas gift/ end of term presents) alongside other handmade items to keep or give as a gift (£1 -£10 each).

emmas xxx

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Summer savers being added all the time.

After a very busy few weeks, the promised summer saver ideas and projects have either been added or have been scheduled and are being added fast – dare I say it I think I am on a role! From simple cooking and rainy day crafts to garden creations hopefully there is something to interest you.

So keep following!

Don’t forget to like, share and follow- the more the merrier!

thanks emmas xxx