Hi I’m back after a long break.

Hi Wow, the last time I wrote on here was last summer- oh my I do apology!

However I know it goes against the grain – or the unspoken words of the blogger world but I always said I would only post when I have relevant, interesting and new blogs/ projects (not repeated unless relevant) that I really want to write. I personally cant stand blogs that just repeat the same old thing daily just to get visitors to their site and the blog just becomes a checklist task similar to others to gain numbers.

   We have been busy with life, most of it I haven’t wanted to bore you with (a new kitchen done on a budget installed by my husband and me – became larger than planned with redecorating two other rooms and a new toilet installation). Obviously this took longer than planned and zapped any spare energy we had after looking after our boys. However we are still standing and its nearly finish. Like I said really exciting stuff!

   We have visited a few places to escape and keep the boys on our side, hopefully I can write a review or two shortly in time for the Easter holidays. We haven’t done to many Arts and crafts activities that are novel and have been worth sharing. We discovered Diamond paintings (more about that to come), keeping the boys busy for several weeks, definitely a activity with a difference for older children. We have also done several craft sets that the boys were given for Christmas. From sewing to candle making. So never a dull moment in our house.

More to come, hopefully in time for Easter Hols ideas for you all!

Hopefully some science, some art and some day out reviews.

Love emmas xxx