The summer hols are on there way!

With the holidays fast looming, you might be looking for inspiration-

Indoor/ outdoor Activities, Arts and crafts, science ideas, days outs, cooking etc. Please explore my site for inspirations on simple and affordable ideas.

Also definitely worth a mention hobby craft are running there summer holiday activities again for free, follow the link for last years review.

Hobby craft free mini maker sessions and the British motor museum.

Hobby craft free mini maker sessions and the British motor museum.

Plus another free activity that might be worth considering is Pets at home free workshops, great for killing an hour for free for anyone who loves animals.


Love emmas xxx


Finally some new activities ideas on the way.

Hope life is treating you all well on this lovely summer day. Summer hols are looming and the last few weeks of term are dragging – both the boys are so ready for a summer of fun! So in preparation I have finally have some new activities to add to the project section for anyone looking for some simple and affordable ideas.

 Over the last few weeks we have been busy with building a school for our playmobil out of a recycle shoe box.Playmobil shoebox school.


Shrinking crisp packets (I did this as a kid and thought we’d give it a go- the boys thought it was cool!).Shrinkable crisp packets.


Plus a little bit of science creating Rain in a cup – A great 10 minute science experiment explain ‘why does it rains?’Rain clouds.


Please follow the links and take a look or just head straight over to the project section for holiday inspiration. Don’t forget to like, share and comment on the website.

Enjoy emmas xxx

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