The national history museum and the science museum.

   As a family we love to spend days out, spending valuable time together. Cost is always something we consider looking for either free or at the cheaper end of the scale. Over the holidays we visited The national history museum and the science museum in London. A trip we have done a couple of times now on a Sunday or a bank holiday to take advantage of the free parking. (London on the train is a shocking cost for a family of four and is an unrealistic cost for us personally as a family). However having spent a lot of my earlier years in London it is something I want my children to experience and both really enjoy visiting ‘the big smoke’.

   If you go early enough a free parking space can be found in London near most points of interests (9am-10am seem to be the best time to ensure a space – any later and it can be a struggle). Though in the past it used to be that you could park free all day in the same spot, however it is worth pointing out this time we noticed a lot of spaces had a time limit on them even on a Sunday/ bank holiday of 3 or 4 hours. We found a space for 4 hours near the museums, for us this was fine as the boys or my attention in a museum probably doesn’t stretch any longer. Plus on this occasion we had plan to only visit the museum. However if planning to visit for longer or getting the underground elsewhere it would be worth re- investigating in finding spaces that allow for longer.

    If you have Curious Kids of any age the National history or the science museum both at Kensington in London are a perfect place to visit. You can choose to visit just one or dip in and out of both as both our next door to each other. Entry to both of the museums is free (donations welcome) so a perfect activity to do when visiting London cheaply with children.  Though tickets are required for some of the events, activities, galleries and special exhibitions if you choose to visit these (we haven’t yet, so cant comment on these personally).

In the National History Museum children can get up close with nature and creatures. Next door in the Science museum without stating the obvious children can get up close to all types of science.

   There is so much of interest to explore in the galleries at both, they cannot all be done in a day! There is plenty of hands-on and interactive activities to keep children of all ages interested at both of the Museums. We always find something new each visit. Both my boys have different interests and likes so we tend to agree they choose initially two zones each then dependant on time we will visit extras.

   This time in the natural history museum my boys chose and enjoyed the interactive Dinosaurs (The big TRex was a hit unlike last time which scared my little one to a big uncontrollable melt down) and looking for scenes from ‘Andy dinosaurs adventures’. The clock can be seen in the front entrance for anyone looking for it. We missed it first time as it is quite hidden away among the crowds. My big tip would be to do the dinosaur section early as it gets busier as the day goes on. My youngest loved the Mammals spotting dolphins in the blue zone and then the bug zone offered lots of interaction with button pressing . Whilst the eldest really enjoyed reading in and exploring the volcano and earthquake zone the escalator though the earth core is always a big hit to get to these sections.

    At the science museum we always spend time in the space and vehicles section despite there being more to explore. The boys are quite happy just to do these two sections.

    To help keep costs down and due to the added complications of son with food allergies we always take a picnic for lunch. there is always somewhere to pop yourself down to eat inside or out (big picnic seating area upstairs in the science museum). Quite often we just take a breather on a bench for lunch between the two museums in the fresh air. There are several cafes if you would rather grab something to eat or drink.


 The Basics:

Both Open daily: 10.00–18.00.
Galleries start to close 30 minutes before the museum closes.

Science Museum: Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD

The Natural History Museum: Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD

Enjoy emmas xxx

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