An Affordable day out in London.

IMG_20181021_163139.jpgThe boys and me love visiting London, having spent a lot of my youth there it feels like I am going home. You either love it or hate it, I have to say now as an adult I love to visit and then enjoy returning back home. We have done a few day trips on a Sunday in the past (for the free parking) taking walks along the Thames, visiting the usual sites, Hamleys, Lego shop, convert garden, Camden, science museum and the National history museum. All are done on a budget – free parking, McDonald’s for lunch (always a safe bet when you have a child with allergy), maybe an underground travel card and focusing on free things to see.

The boys have been asking for a while and we fancy another trip but wanted to do something different. So this time we focused on Greenwich (the last time I visited I think I was a child). I highly recommend it! It was a great day out enjoyed by all and was an affordable day out in London costing the bare minimum.

We drove early Sunday morning into London, Parking near the docklands light railway(five-minute walking distant) . We bought a travel card for £25 approx. (2 adults) under tens travel free on the London transport system zone 1-6. We jumped on the DLR which the boys absolutely loved, as we haven’t done this before they got a completely different view of London especially as we got front row seats on the train. We travelled up to London bridge where we took a small walk up to The tower of London via the Thames. This was a really lovely walk in the sun, short enough for the boys with lots to see. Followed by a KFC for lunch as McDonald’s had closed down.

We then took the DLR to Greenwich cutty Sark, where we took a ten minute free guided tour around the navel site (you can pick these up from the information centre). They are short and informative, one boy enjoyed it the other decided a sit down was more in order. We then went across the road to the Greenwich maritime museum – this was amazing, the boys loved it and made us promise we would revisit! It is a free (donation recommended) hands on very child friendly museum. The highlights were the polar exhibition and the ship simulator where the boys sailed boats in New York and Sydney. We did not allow enough time for the museum but will be going back.

   We then took a walk up the hill to the observatory and were rewarded with amazing views of London. Returning to the station via a walk though the park and around the cutty Sark. We then took  ride on the underground and a bus to Southbank to watch the skaters (an old hangout of mine in my late teenage years). Follow by a walk soaking up the atmosphere of south bank to Westminster bridge. Where we caught a bus / underground train and the DLR  back to the car to return home.

It was a lovely, long and tiring affordable day out. The boys loved exploring London on the different modes of transport and we all highly recommend Greenwich for a day out if you’re looking for something different to do in London. We will be revisiting and look forward to exploring further.

Enjoy emmas xxx

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