The summer has gone so fast -to fast!

Hi I know I have been quieter than usual this summer on posts and I have not got round to posting as much as planned or promised. In all honest truth I have just got caught up in life, bathroom renovation and enjoying the break from everyday school driven life with my two best friends. The summer has gone so fast – to fast!

For the most I have been enjoying touching based with my ever growing boys, learning more about them everyday, sharing memories, playing lots (top trumps has been a big one this summer, kite flying and inventing garden games – for example a recycle bath panel became a table tennis table) and reading with them has been a big one this summer to – we have covered a lot of fun novels this summer sat snuggled on the sofa together. I have also been proud to watch my eldest enjoy reading advance novels on his own. Whilst my youngest has shocked me with how grown up he has become since the beginning of the holidays – asking lots of whys? coming up with his own theories on things and fighting more to speak with such advance language (his brother normally dominates the conversations).

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t all been a rose-tinted holiday and  I have had a few ‘mummy is going insane’ moments – including one this morning! When one child insist on being all over you, talking non stop and demanding endless attention all before 9am resulting in me not getting any coffee or food till 12.30 – when I insisted daddy came to the rescue. I really am not a morning person at the best of time, brain does not function till about 1.30pm especially at the moment when we have no bathroom in action due to the renovated.

However for the most part its been relaxed and great sharing time together (in between them being the best of friends one minute or trying to kill each other the next, giving me no space to breath and the house looking like there’s been a natural disaster). I still stick by the Holidays are great and I really don’t want them to go back to school!!!!

For the next week in regards to the website I am going into hibernation – so I can enjoy the final week of noise, laughter and fun whatever the weather with my boys before it’s all over till half-term.

As you might have noticed in regards to the website I have been playing again. The changes have been based on your feedback, my personal preferences – The other design wasn’t working for me it didn’t feel very me when writing projects/blogs and plus all of your lovely comments have influenced given me the confidence to follow my gut to revert back to the old style. Thank you so much for all the comments I really do appreciate them. I have been shocked by just how many people have visited the site since it started and leave me such positive and kind feedback. I am so glad you like it and keep revisiting. It gives me the confidence to know im heading in the right direction.

 In regards to me posting the comments on my site for others to read, I follow strict guidelines and will only share with others if all the security checks are completed and passed. So pleased do not be offended if I don’t post your comment, I will have read it and appreciated it. However I am trying to ensure my website is a safe place to visit. Security and keeping other people’s data safe is very very important to me and my website- I will do all I can to ensure my T&c’S are met to the best of my ability.

Please DO keep revisiting and commenting. However don’t forget to follow so you don’t miss any updated projects and blogs.

Follow, Like, comment and share!

Many thanks emmas xxx


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