Space theme day.

    Here’s the second run down one of our ‘themed days’ – Space. Based around my eldest sons favourite theme, we had great fun all day. For those not aware or who are visiting my site for the first time – My boys love our theme days, begging me to do them every holiday. It is a fun way to filled a ‘holiday day’ cheaply and means you can relieve childhood boredom of staying at home if needed.

  For our  Space day we started by creating space alien pencil pots created out of a recycled baked bean tin and an old sun reflector which was heading to the bin – I will be  posting ‘how to’ to my project section.IMG_0903

   We followed this with some not so space theme ‘train’ picture watercolour painting (sons choice – another like) – I printed two free train colouring pages of the web which the boys then painted with watercolours. The pictures looking very effective and colourful.

We followed this with a lunch based on our themed – Space rocket sandwiches made by the boys with cheese for the windows and space raider crisps.

 After lunch we created our own spotted space pictures out of stickers.

We then watched a space themed Dvd.

Finishing  our day with pizza planets and ice lolly rockets for dinner. Plus of course reading ‘Space theme books’  and some stargazing before we went to bed.

emmas xxx

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