Boat theme day.


    So slightly later than planned here’s the First run down one of our ‘themed days’ – Boats. Based around my youngest sons favourite book and a popular book in our house we had great fun all day. My boys love our theme days, begging me to do them every holiday. It is a fun way to filled a ‘holiday day’ cheaply and means you can relieve boredom of staying at home if needed.

For our day we started by creating Paper plate Sea Scenes. Which has already been posted to my project section.

We followed this with a watercolour painting – I printed two free sailing boats colouring pages of the web which the boys then painted with watercolours. The pictures looking very effective and colourful.

We followed this with a lunch based on our themed – boat sandwiches made by the boys with grapes for the sea, plum whale and a banana base .

 After lunch we created our own ‘toy boat’ out of bits and pieces (and floated it later in our night-time bath).

We then vacated into the garden for ‘creative play’ to take a swim in the sea (our pool).

We then did some iceberg evacuation looking and finding sea creatures and items (mostly playMobil seaside items and toy sea creatures).

Finishing  our day with fish, chips and ice cream oysters for dinner and a bath filled with boats. Plus of course reading ‘Toy boat’ before we went to bed.

emmas xxx

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