Exciting, scary and Busy times.

Exciting, scary and Busy times.

For the last few months apart from creating this website and being a mum, I have slowly been setting up my own business (emmas creative love) selling simple and affordable Arts and Craft. As we head into the summer I am heading out into the local community and I maybe at an event near you. Please come over and say Hi and take a look! As I start this exciting but slightly scary venture I will be selling at local Fetes, festivals and crafts events. In time aiming to create a shop online hopefully within the next year if all goes to plan.

My main focus/ selling point is on ‘ Rainy day plans’ A rainy day plan box which includes 10 activities and extra activity idea materials and instructions in a reusable box (perfect to keep aside for the summer/ school holidays rainy days). At £15.00 the activities work out at less than £2.00 each and if put aside for the summer school holiday provides 1-2 activity each week throughout. Alongside this I have created sibling bags (£10.00) with 8 activities as two in the box can be shared as a family to buy individually or can be joined up with a box to keep cost down if you have more than one child or do not want several boxes to sit on a shelf.

I have also been busy creating other additional activity packs for children to create their own arts and crafts (£1.50- £10). The packs are designed to cover a wide age group, ability, Girl or boy and budget. They can be bought for yourself or I have also created some to be given as gifts (for a unique friends birthday/ Christmas gift/ end of term presents) alongside other handmade items to keep or give as a gift (£1 -£10 each).

emmas xxx

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