Exciting, scary and Busy times.

Exciting, scary and Busy times.

For the last few months apart from creating this website and being a mum, I have slowly been setting up my own business (emmas creative love) selling simple and affordable Arts and Craft. As we head into the summer I am heading out into the local community and I maybe at an event near you. Please come over and say Hi and take a look! As I start this exciting but slightly scary venture I will be selling at local Fetes, festivals and crafts events. In time aiming to create a shop online hopefully within the next year if all goes to plan.

My main focus/ selling point is on ‘ Rainy day plans’ A rainy day plan box which includes 10 activities and extra activity idea materials and instructions in a reusable box (perfect to keep aside for the summer/ school holidays rainy days). At £15.00 the activities work out at less than £2.00 each and if put aside for the summer school holiday provides 1-2 activity each week throughout. Alongside this I have created sibling bags (£10.00) with 8 activities as two in the box can be shared as a family to buy individually or can be joined up with a box to keep cost down if you have more than one child or do not want several boxes to sit on a shelf.

I have also been busy creating other additional activity packs for children to create their own arts and crafts (£1.50- £10). The packs are designed to cover a wide age group, ability, Girl or boy and budget. They can be bought for yourself or I have also created some to be given as gifts (for a unique friends birthday/ Christmas gift/ end of term presents) alongside other handmade items to keep or give as a gift (£1 -£10 each).

emmas xxx

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Summer savers being added all the time.

After a very busy few weeks, the promised summer saver ideas and projects have either been added or have been scheduled and are being added fast – dare I say it I think I am on a role! From simple cooking and rainy day crafts to garden creations hopefully there is something to interest you.

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Summer holiday savers on the way!

In our house there is already a very big wave of excitement all around in the air with the summer holidays looming. It might seem weeks away, However the long holidays will be here before we know it. Every year we dream and have this beautiful idea of long relaxing days chilling in the garden whilst the children play, splashing in the paddling pool and basically having endless fun and laughter whilst they keep themselves busy. BIG REALITY CHECK

– we live in England and who knows what the weather will do!

If its anything like last year – there

will be days stuck in doors.

   So for  those days you are stuck for ideas, trapped at home, the kids are driving you nuts and need some simple and affordable inspiration I am creating a ‘Simple summer holiday ideas’ section under my projects page. I aim to add to it over the next few weeks so please do keep checking back for updated ideas (or If you’re not already become a follower).

 As a family for the past few years we have made a big wall ‘Summer holiday list/plan/diary’. It started simply because I have a son who needs to know what the plan is and what is happening when! I have come to realise over the years this actually keeps him personally a lot calmer, relaxed and less demanding as he really does not cope with unplanned events or surprises. We all come up with ideas and wishes of what we want to do and if they are possible to we put them on our list, which later gets added/ turned into a diary of events at the beginning of each week. We all understand this is flexible and adapts due to weather changes, unexpected visits/ events and playdates, costs etc.

We try to fill our summers with Free or certainly as cheap as possible activities:

  • places to visit – day trips (Tesco vouchers have been ordered and have got us though the holidays many a time in the past).
  • Themed days (so far this year we have a space day and a boat day planned) – Everything on the day will be based around the theme – Arts and crafts activities, playing, meals, dvds, stories etc.
  • Nearby Free museums / events.
  • Nearby free events/ activities.
  • Activities we want to do at home i.e. Arts and crafts ideas (ordering in anything in we might need in advance – this then gets put in our rainy day box), bike rides, scooters, games in the garden we want to play etc.

We have the whole summer to fill as we have a ‘stay station’ planned, We do plan to be busy however we try hard not to over plan and know we don’t always get to complete everything. It’s there to keep us all sane if we need it. Planning in advance, does let me look for vouchers, Free events and assures we do not miss something the boys really want to do. It also gives me a chance to order particularly things in for activities i.e baking stuff, arts and crafts items – spreading the cost out.

Along side having a ‘full up’ rainy day box we create an activity Jar for those moment – where you just have no idea, five minutes to kill at home, or the kids are killing each other or and bored.

Take a look at An activity Jar for the school Holidays. via the link or go to the project section ‘simple summer holidays section’. For more information and how to make. It’s a very simple and effective idea that cost next to nothing to make. Great for rescuing arguments!

Despite all of my planning I strongly

‘do also believe in letting children get bored sometimes, So they can create their own play’

– this can be pretty amazing to watch at times and they learn to be creative, invented, individual thinkers!

emmas xxx

p.s  Keep watching for those Holiday ideas and hopeully I have inspired you to get planning if you have not already!