Just a quickie – Been playing with the website.

Just to let you know, I’ve been playing with the website. I have made a few changes – hopefully for the better. I hadn’t been happy with the layout for a while and have just got round to playing/ experimenting (this is a pretty nervous/ daunting task for a novice). Hopefully it will make the site clearer and easier to nativate for everyone. My main task was to alter the project section as I really didn’t like the layout on my previous page, when playing and after resorting to getting some web tech help (I’ve been doing it alone to this point) I/we were unable to achieve what I really wanted after many hours of head scratching. I felt reassure that I was not being dumb as they were unable to create the page I wanted to, despite thinking it should be easy to do! So after going back to the drawing board I have come up with the present one! Slight different layout. Now you just need to click on the relevant topic your interested in and it will hopefully take you to a choice of projects. Let me know what you think? Is it for the better or not? Please let me know if you accoutre any problems? (so I can try and fix it!)

Many thanks emmas xxx

P.s I might continue to play with the website, little tweets here and there over the next few weeks- so bare with me.

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