Useful tips I have learnt over the years doing Arts and crafts with children.

Well I am afraid we have no projects this week as we have kept ourselves busy with other things : Board games, homework playing playmobil and cars. However I wanting to write something…. Thinking cap on. I thought I would share some:

A few Useful tips I have learnt over the years doing Arts and crafts with children.

FINISHING TOUCHES MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE – In my experience Pva Glue is not that great for sticking (Pitt stick and superglue work better) however it does have other uses. Pva glue (watered down 50/50) makes a great cheap and easy varnish for almost anything. It can preserve or can make children masterpieces look more professional in a very simple way. Pva glue mixed in with paint can make it easier to paint on certain surfaces i.e. plastic.

SAVE (yourself cleaning) – A little bit of washing up liquid mixed in with your poster paints before use, makes it easier to wash out of things.


UPCYCLE / RECYCLE – Take a look at what you might be throwing out – Your everyday rubbish could be useful or turned into something arty. It can be cheap, fun and uses the imagination part of our brain.

In our house the motto is ‘There is a use for everything’. (well nearly everything). 

FRUGAL – Most of your children’s arts and crafts can be turned into an affordable keepsake and personal gift. Items can be made with a purpose or when you are having a clear out – before you throw … think! You might just have to think outside the box! For example a drawing in a frame can make a lovely gift or Excess paintings/ drawings can be turned into wrapping paper. Birthday cards can be homemade.

YOU DON’T NEED TO BE CREATIVE TO CREATIVE: You don’t need to be a creative thinker, crafty or arty to be able to create with your children. There are plenty of ideas on the worldwide web and various materials for sale to make your life easier. Just hit the search engine and explore. Somewhere out there –  there will be a simple idea out there that appeals.

CREATIVE TIME if you allow it provides a great opportunity for social interaction with your children and a great bonding experience.

Most important – have fun!

emmas xxx

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