Pom- Pom Animals

IMG_0251.JPGIMG_0297.JPG    Hi hope you all had a lovely week-end and have enjoyed the snow! I’m wishing it is now on its way out and spring just gets a move on so we can move into summer!

We have recently been working on Pom poms in our house.

   Pom poms are a traditional tried and tested activity that I remember making from my childhood they make a fairly simple and affordable project to do. It is a good way to use up scrap wool, whist being great for children’s co- ordination skills.. You only need a few basic materials: Card and some wool. We used the traditional method of cutting and making our own rings out of cardboard (An old cereal box). If you prefer you can buy official pom pom makers from a hobby shop, I have not tried these out but would love to hear if they are worth their money. We made the Penguin and turtle Pom Poms on a long car journey. I was pretty impressed as it was a spontaneous/ impressive ‘genius’ idea to do whilst in the car as it passed most of the journey, with the boys concentrating on the task in hand it turned out to be a fairly quiet ride ‘there was no – are we there yet!’. We did the finishing details the next day back at home. Then the boys asked to do some more (One is the planet mars, One is the ocean and the other one was just a pink one for mummy), though I think we are truly pom pom out now!

 Check out the project section if you fancy making one – I’m sure there are lots of animals you could make with these. I actually thought after making the 3 extra ones a pom pom caterpillar would be good – but as I said we have had enough of pom pom’s for a while.

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emmas xxx


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