Half-term and Galaxy Jar (Science and Art mixed together).

IMG_0105.JPGIMG_0106.JPG     The excitement of holidays is in the air in our house with only one more day till half term. I don’t know who loves the holidays more me or the boys – We love them and I personally cant think of anything better than spending a week with them. The boys have already plotted and planned out their ideal week with so many ideas and activities – a week is not going to be long enough to create, make, play and explore!!! Watch this space as I am anticipating more tried and tested project ideas coming your way as the weather doesn’t appear to be warming up anytime soon. There’s never a dull moment in our house – or time for a cold cup of coffee!! We will be avoiding the valentine themed Arts and Crafts, as I personally feel the Valentines theme/idea whatever you fancy calling it is more for adults/ couples and not for children. Just to give you a clue – So far the activities on the list involve bottle lids, canvas, melted wax crayon, paints, card and imagination!

  Just to get you started. Here’s one according to the boys  – we had to do after school one night this week as we just wont have enough time otherwise mummy with all we are planning!

For the last few weeks the boys have both been hounding me to let them make a lava lamp for their room. After some research into the topic, we discovered Galaxy Jars and the boys decided that these looked better and more fun to do. So we eventually found some time to make them. To be honest I was a bit skeptical to if these would turn out ok, I was not convinced that the colours would not mixed and that all we would end up with was a coffee jar full of black cotton wool! I was pleasantly surprise it turned out to be a really quick, simple, affordable, fun activity with little mess and they did look pretty cool. The boys really enjoyed and were in their element as we talked science to as we were doing it. Watching the colour blobs of water and glitter rise and fall though the oil. Take a look in my Project section to see ‘how to make’.

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emmas XXX


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