Milk Bottle boat to make and play with.


A quick blog as my children have shared their present ‘luggie’ with me. This week’s project was a very unplanned and a impromptu one. It was very much ‘make it up as you go along’ with what we could find in the house. My youngest son was of school sick most of the week with ‘tonsillitis’, so apart from lots of cuddles and watching ‘pj masks’ on the Telly at the beginning. When he began to feel better he decided he wanted to make a ‘toy boat’ (As mentioned before his two big loves our boats and superhero’s). His favourite book on his book shelf inspired the idea in his head. Result one’ Milk bottle boat’, sorry couldn’t come up with a more creative name – it is what it is! This boat was very simple and affordable to make as it was fairly easy and pretty much free to make as the basic materials were found in our recycle bin. It then gave us a good excuse to have a bath as we needed to test it out after making it, this created lots of fun playing – even some teddies had a ride (they are still drying in the airing cupboard). If you wish to make one but don’t fancy it in your bath you could play with it in a paddling pool in the garden instead if you rather or this could be perfect for a summer day activity. Take a look in the project section for ‘how to make’.



emmas xxx



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