Finally half- term has been caught up on.

IMG_0184  Hi I am so over the cold and sickness season! Having been hit by another weird bug, both boys have been space cadets/ zombies in front of the TV today wishing for little attention, food or entertaining. Unusually – allowing me a day of catch up – hence Saturday night blog. I have finally added the final projects from half-term to the project section: Musical shakers – take a look, Its a really easy one! Plus the varnish has finally dried on our family joint project – so in position ready for the boys to play with when they are feeling better.

At the boys wish. We built a toy garage out of wood one day in half-term.

   Daddy did the first part – supervised the boys masterpiece – doing very little other than finding/ providing the materials (This was made out of scraps of wood) and tools in his garage.

A plan was created, measurements taken and a garage designed and built by the boys.

It was then handed over to me – to supervise painting and varnish. Hey presto a finished Garage to play with. Not such a simple one, but was in – expensive as we used what we could find. Will add to the project section next.

Please feel free to comment (let me know if there is anything you would like to see us make – put on the project page), Would love to hear if you have given the projects a go, how they went etc.. Feedback is always appreciated, (apart from the Stats) it gives me a clearer clue what is/ isn’t liked as I’m still fairly new at this and still building the site. Also please don’t forget to Like, share and follow. Many thanks to those who have! Appreciated!

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So half- term has been and gone in a flash!

pexels-photo-104344.jpeg   So half term has been and gone in a flash and the boys are back at school (Boo hoo!- We are counting the weeks till the next one). We had a fun week at home despite the rain, keeping ourselves very busy playing, creating, getting soggy out and about! So I now have the time to add the projects we did in to the project section, sorry I didn’t make it for half-term, was just enjoying time with the boys. Please take a look, have a go, share, comment and like. Many thanks.

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Well rainy day means one thing!


Well a wet half- term has meant non-stop madness in our house and its only Tuesday… Finally I am sat down with a hot cup of coffee ready to send some ideas your way. Hopefully to offer you some inspiration if you need it this half-term. We have had lots of fun and I truly love spending time with my boys despite the mess and chaos. So far we have managed a great but cold day out to ‘willow farm’, (I highly recommend if anyone in your house likes peter rabbit – it inspired our paper plate idea), a bike ride, a scooter ride, lots of playing and Train track building. The best thing has been my alarm clock this morning which was two boys playing imaginary play which involved Captain underpants taking over our house at 7am!!

Plus you guessed it we have been making, painting and creating!! Picasso and Van Goff have been busy in our house. These are all simple and affordable ideas, created from what we could find in our house. All ideas will be shortly posted on my project page- please bear with me, they will get there. As you can see there are quite a few, it may take some time. If your on half term enjoy the week!

emmas xxx

IMG_0184.JPG Musical Shakers.       IMG_0107.JPG           

                                                                                                                       Junk model marble run.

                                                                                                                             Lollipop bookmarks.IMG_0186.JPG

IMG_0219.JPGMixed collage canvas with melted crayons.




                                                                              Pizza base pictures with bottle top creatures.IMG_0222

Some free- style painting.



How do I get my child to co-operate in Arts and Crafts.

pexels-photo-707193.jpegpexels-photo-240174.jpeg   One of my good friends said recently 

‘it is ok for you, your children want to do arts so they cooperate for you!’ .

    Well I can honestly say – yes my children do cooperate most of the time. However I can’t truthfulness say when doing Arts and crafts in the beginning, if this was because they love being creative or if It was because they knew they would get my undivided attention when we were doing a project. I am lucky in the fact, I am yet to hear the words ‘I’m Bored’. They have grown to really and truly love being creative in its own right over the years alongside exploring, playing, investigating and thinking outside the box. However in their words :

‘they also associate it with fun time with mummy because she enjoys doing it with us’.

   In all honest truth we all know how much attention a child gives to a task depends on whether they are enjoying themselves. Many children struggle when asked to do something they don’t want to do. Stating the obvious ‘Don’t make them paint – if they don’t like painting!’ Give them a choice, as this will empower them. A little creativity from ourselves or them can go a long way in turning something dull into something fun. Instead of insisting that they do it one way, involve them in the decision-making, make it more fun and interesting to them. It can be a great opportunity to test you and your child’s problem solving skills which in turn will improve their attention span.

So the big question we often ask ourselves as parents is ‘ Ok I’ve got their attention, we have found something they wanted to do. But really how do I get my child to sit and concentrate for more than two seconds? – my child only pays attention when they want to and this leads me to losing my patience!’. Well let me set the record straight, It’s not always as perfect as it looks or sounds in those parent books/magazines, websites, blogs or on TV. I sometimes lose my patience and wish I had not bothered. However I tend to find this is down to me!! Choosing the wrong time when Either myself or the boys are not really in the mindset. You know that time when they really want to make … and your just not in the mood, your Mind as a mum has a million things going through it, you’re tired cause you only got four hours sleep last night, there is something else you need to be doing etc. etc. and they have just got to make it right ‘here and now!’

So my advice is choose a time when they can have your full attention –

Give attention to get attention’.

   To really get a child’s attention the parents must really give their full attention. The best way to get them to pay attention to you or any given activity is to be physically close to the child. Being in close physical proximity whilst giving clear and concise instructions will help the child to focus better on what is being said. Don’t shout request from the kitchen to the living room, go to them, stand in front, make eye contact, be at eye level or touch their shoulder. As a parent give your time, the materials and the space to be creative. The materials don’t need to be fancy, A wide variety of simple materials can stimulate any child’s imagination and can develop their sense of touch. Yes painting can be messy, and it’s not an easy task to clean up but it’s a great activity for sensory development. Talk – having conversations can make it more fun and enjoyable for all. If your child doesn’t talk that easy and you’re stuck for a starting place. A good way to start may be to describe what you see, wait to see if your child responds, they may want to share more with you or just return to their work. You may need to accept that your interrupting may interfere with their working process. When children seem ready to share think of though provoking questions – it will be a great fun bonding experience for you and your child.

Time is so important, giving them your time and the time to do the activity with out to much of a time scale. It is Important to encourage your child to keep going and finish their artwork. However once your child says it finished its finished! Whatever creative masterpiece your child comes up with give your child lots of descriptive praise. Responding and encouraging positively will boost their self-esteem and encourages them to keep going. As I said earlier in another blog children and teenagers are naturally creative. Though their idea of creative maybe different to us as parents. We as adults really do need to accept that. Allow them to do it their way you may be surprised by their ideas! At the end of the day ‘What is art?’ Take time to appreciate their individual applied skills and talents to create something of perceived beauty and worth (even if it’s only in the eye of the beholder). The worth in whatever they have made may be visual or it could be a representation of their emotional opinion, or reflecting a moment in time, style or subject matter.

When we allow our children to paint, draw or make something their own way they can be free with colour, shapes and without technique. From this they will learn to trust themselves and their instincts. Arts and crafts with children allows us to see much more than a simple Art piece. If we observe careful with our eyes and ears. We can gain tremendous information about each child. If they see us having fun, we can create enjoyable experiences, memories and support development at the same time. My boys often surprise me with their thinking and how inventing they can be. Listening to their ideas teaches me so much about their own individual of thinking and ability.

Children love to be spontaneous when being creative, so follow their lead. But be aware there’ll also be times when your child wants you to be more involved in guiding them. By being actively involved, you are not doing it for them, see it as you can develop your child’s skills and understanding even more with words, suggestions and support. It is really important to send the message that there’s more than one way to do something. This lets children know they don’t have to conform to anyone else’s ideas and they can go their own way. It’s ok to make mistakes and we can learn from them

As parents we do have to accept someday you win and they may make amazing masterpieces you can be proud of, whereas other days you will lose and they might just make lots of unconstructive mess. However in their eyes they have had fun making something wonderful that they want you to be proud of. Most importantly they have had fun and may or may not have learnt something along the way. It’s all about having fun and learning about the world around them and not about being perfect every time. Some of the best art in the world is not perfect, it’s all about personal taste. Giving them your attention and letting them do it their way, will allow for strong bonding between yourself and them. In turn they will gain confidence to talk to you about anything, trust you and enjoy wanting to be with you, along side exploring activities.pexels-photo-179747.jpeg

‘Is it really a big deal if they want to do it their own way?’

emma s xxx


Half-term and Galaxy Jar (Science and Art mixed together).

IMG_0105.JPGIMG_0106.JPG     The excitement of holidays is in the air in our house with only one more day till half term. I don’t know who loves the holidays more me or the boys – We love them and I personally cant think of anything better than spending a week with them. The boys have already plotted and planned out their ideal week with so many ideas and activities – a week is not going to be long enough to create, make, play and explore!!! Watch this space as I am anticipating more tried and tested project ideas coming your way as the weather doesn’t appear to be warming up anytime soon. There’s never a dull moment in our house – or time for a cold cup of coffee!! We will be avoiding the valentine themed Arts and Crafts, as I personally feel the Valentines theme/idea whatever you fancy calling it is more for adults/ couples and not for children. Just to give you a clue – So far the activities on the list involve bottle lids, canvas, melted wax crayon, paints, card and imagination!

  Just to get you started. Here’s one according to the boys  – we had to do after school one night this week as we just wont have enough time otherwise mummy with all we are planning!

For the last few weeks the boys have both been hounding me to let them make a lava lamp for their room. After some research into the topic, we discovered Galaxy Jars and the boys decided that these looked better and more fun to do. So we eventually found some time to make them. To be honest I was a bit skeptical to if these would turn out ok, I was not convinced that the colours would not mixed and that all we would end up with was a coffee jar full of black cotton wool! I was pleasantly surprise it turned out to be a really quick, simple, affordable, fun activity with little mess and they did look pretty cool. The boys really enjoyed and were in their element as we talked science to as we were doing it. Watching the colour blobs of water and glitter rise and fall though the oil. Take a look in my Project section to see ‘how to make’.

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Keeping with the theme Simple and affordable – Body tracing.

IMG_0081    Hi, firstly sorry if you have just been slightly confused (so have I!) by the last project posted and this blog. I have been having a few technical faults – I will lay all blame with the Computer doing its own thing. Hopefully all is fixed now and is fully readable!

‘Don’t you just love them moments when you think wow that five-minute job was quick and easy – to only realise it hasn’t gone to plan instead five minutes turns into an hour’.IMG_0085

Essentially my blog today is just to let you know I have put another project idea in the project section. Sorry really wasn’t sure what to call this one. ‘Body tracing’  was the best I could do. This is very simple and affordable to make as it is easy and pretty much free to make as the basic materials can be found in your home. A good project for younger children. You could if you choose to, use it to talk / teach them about their bodies and body parts. For us it was just a fun project. We have done this project many times before and the ‘bodies’ end up on our boys bedroom door each time. The last ones needed updating as they had seen better days – there is only so many times you can repair them!  Christopher chose to turn himself into a space man and Louie became a superhero.

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Milk Bottle boat to make and play with.


A quick blog as my children have shared their present ‘luggie’ with me. This week’s project was a very unplanned and a impromptu one. It was very much ‘make it up as you go along’ with what we could find in the house. My youngest son was of school sick most of the week with ‘tonsillitis’, so apart from lots of cuddles and watching ‘pj masks’ on the Telly at the beginning. When he began to feel better he decided he wanted to make a ‘toy boat’ (As mentioned before his two big loves our boats and superhero’s). His favourite book on his book shelf inspired the idea in his head. Result one’ Milk bottle boat’, sorry couldn’t come up with a more creative name – it is what it is! This boat was very simple and affordable to make as it was fairly easy and pretty much free to make as the basic materials were found in our recycle bin. It then gave us a good excuse to have a bath as we needed to test it out after making it, this created lots of fun playing – even some teddies had a ride (they are still drying in the airing cupboard). If you wish to make one but don’t fancy it in your bath you could play with it in a paddling pool in the garden instead if you rather or this could be perfect for a summer day activity. Take a look in the project section for ‘how to make’.



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