How to up-cycle a paper bag !

   Yes, I know the title sounds a little crazy. However we did just this last week-end. A very impromptu project arising after the boys seeing father Christmas out and about. The boys were given some presents by Father Christmas in a paper bag with his picture on. After the boys had rehomed the gifts at home we were just about to throw the bag, when in our usual style we said…
” we can make something out of this! “
   So after scratching our heads we decided to cut out the picture of father Christmas and turn it into a ‘please stop here Santa ” door hanger for their bedrooms. It was a very easy, make it up as you go along mixed media / collage project led by the boys. Using whatever we could find in the house. They wanted white tissue paper now! Mummy couldn’t deliver on a Sunday night, so we found a clean toilet roll fixed the problem. Please take a look at the finish products in my Projects section and give it a go. The boys really enjoyed it – but beware the glitter goes everywhere. We now have a house with “Christmas sparkle”.
Love Emma’s xxx

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