First blog post; Create, love, inspire all things creative and crafty.

   Hi so here we go I’m new to this and creating my first blog to go live has been self-taught. So please bear with me as I get started! Hopefully I’m succeeding at creating something along the right lines and the future will only get bigger and better. For the introductions I am Emma living in Oxfordshire with my husband, I am a stay at home forty something mum of two boys Christopher aged 7 and Louie 5 years old. Whilst doing everyday Mum stuff with a little chaos, messy hair, whatever clothes I can find in the clean washing pile thrown on probably complete with some evidence of old paint and glue, Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my two boys and creating all things crafty.

  Our house often resembles similarities to an art gallery or art studio created by children and I love it! I firmly believe that no matter the project we can create it with some confidence in ourselves. Mess is always cleanable! Fun, laughter and memories are irreplaceable. Children can have so much fun and learn so much from a few hours creating something from the rainy day box. There is another blog to shortly follow after this one (‘why I believe allowing children to make a creative mess is so important to their development!’) 

   Are creations our always personal and made using simple affordable materials!  The boys have been involved with getting this show on the road since I told them what I was thinking of doing as always they have wanted to be involved and have already thought of ideas for me – your never to young in our house to learn how to write a blog. Yesterday are living room looked like the paper shedder monster had been let loose with the felt tips and scissors as they helped me create our logo. Hence the name for our site has both the boys initials in. 

  My hopes for my blog is that it will reach out to families and inspire others to be creative with their children and most importantly ‘do it themselves’ what ever their background. It is a place to find creative projects for children and adults, parenting advice, tips and ideas for everyday families. However my ultimate goal is I inspire you to love having fun whilst creating something new with your children. I hope it will empower you to try something new And to give you the confidence to know you can do it! Here we go – and we are off !


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